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Here are the answers to the most common questions about getting started with Titcoin

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General Questions

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange similar to traditional currencies (e.g. US Dollars) that allows people to transfer monetary value digitally through a process based on the principles of cryptography. Cryptography is used to process transactions and control the issuance of new monetary units into the economy.


In other words, cryptocurrency works like electronic cash. Similar to normal cash, cryptocurrency units can be exchanged and transferred from person to person. Cryptography is the mechanism that ensures every transaction is valid which prevents fraud and counterfeiting. All transactions occur electronically which makes cryptocurrency the perfect cash alternative payment method for online businesses.


Furthermore, cryptocurrency is a fully decentralized monetary instrument with no government control. This means that governments (and the banks they regulate) have limited ability to restrict how cryptocurrencies can be used. This freedom is perfect for adult businesses who have historically been discriminated against by traditional financial institutions.


How does cryptocurrency work?

Cryptocurrency is considered the Internet of money. For people who are new to cryptocurrency, it can be a little tough to understand how it all works. How does it have value? How are transactions processed? How secure are the transactions?


Although there are a lot of technical details that run the cryptocurrency network, the basics are pretty easy to understand. First, the value of a cryptocurrency (like all monetary instruments) is based on the economic principles of supply and demand. The greater the demand, the higher the value. Naturally, the concept of value is relative to our perception of worth for other valuable things like $US Dollars and gold. Fortunately, there are platforms in place that allow us to peg the value of a cryptocurrency to such objects of worth. Currency exchanges are forums where the free market establishes the value of a cryptocurrency thus forming the foundation of its economy.


Second, transactions are processed across a peer-to-peer network of computers (and not by a central banking authority). A transaction is essentially one person sending digital currency to someone else. If a majority of the computers on the peer-to-peer network agree that a transaction is valid, the transaction is successfully executed. This technical process verifies the true ownership of each monetary unit, prevents any form of counterfeiting and ensures the authenticity of the currency.


Finally, the underlying software and network for Titcoin is identical to Bitcoin (although Titcoin was specifically designed to process rapid transactions while Bitcoin was designed as an investment commodity like gold). The following video simply explains how Bitcoin works which is also how Titcoin works. This should answer any questions about how digital currencies operate, and the key advantages.


How secure is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a relatively secure way to perform online transactions compared to traditional payment methods like credit cards and PayPal. The key reason is the mechanism in how payments are initiated.


Credit cards and other traditional payment methods use a “pull” process to initiate a transaction. A customer hands over their credit card information to a merchant, and the merchant subsequently requests a withdrawal of funds into their account.


There is a fundamental security problem with this process. It essentially gives anyone in possession of the credit card information the ability to initiate a transaction with or without the owner’s consent. This is precisely why credit card fraud costs merchants over $180 billion in losses every year. Every time you hand over your credit card information, you increase the chances that it will get stolen and subsequently used without your authorization.


Cryptocurrency on the other hand uses a “push” process to initiate a transaction. When customers make purchases, they perform the transaction by proactively sending funds into the merchant’s account. No withdrawals are made without the owner’s consent which means no unauthorized purchases can ever be made.


Think of it this way. When you go into a store and pay cash, you open your wallet and take out the exact amount that you give to the clerk. You don’t give the clerk your entire wallet and let them take out your money. This ensures that an owner of a cryptocurrency account is the only person who can initiate a transaction which completely eliminates unauthorized charges.


The computer network that manages cryptocurrency transactions uses a peer-to-peer verification system. Every monetary unit is tracked and recorded in a public ledger. When someone initiates a transaction, the peer-to-peer network collectively verifies whether that account truly owns the monetary units being transferred. This prevents fraudulent spending and protects merchants from issues like chargebacks and insufficient funds.


Note: The cryptocurrency framework is inherently designed to prevent online fraud and unauthorized charges. However, loss and theft can occur if you are not careful with your cryptocurrency wallet or account. If a hacker is able to take control of your wallet, they will be able to spend your currency as if they were posing as you. It is highly recommended you initiate extra security measures like two-factor authentication to reduce the likelihood of your account being hacked into.

What are the benefits of cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency offers many benefits over traditional payment methods such as credit cards and PayPal. In fact, cryptocurrency was designed as a way to perform normal cash transactions on the internet. As such, cryptocurrency shares many of the same advantages as performing regular cash payments in the physical world.


Financial Freedom
Traditional payment processors like PayPal have historically discriminated against the porn and adult entertainment industry. Cryptocurrency works just like cash where transactions occur peer-to-peer bypassing regulated financial institutions.


Privacy and Discretion
Banks and other financial institutions are required to keep personal records of all customers. A cryptocurrency system only records anonymous deposit and withdrawal addresses for each transaction without requiring any personal information.


Zero Chargebacks
Credit card companies penalize businesses with chargebacks when customers dispute a transaction which occurs often in the porn industry. Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible putting businesses in control of when refunds should be issued.


Low Processing Fees
Adult payment processors like CCBill and Epoch charge up to a whopping 15% fee on every transaction. Cryptocurrency transaction fees range between 0% to 0.5% per transaction putting more money into the pockets of businesses.


Fraud Prevention
Stolen credit cards and fraud are very common issues that plague online payment processing. Cryptocurrency is a “cash in hand” monetary instrument where rightful owners in possession of the currency are the only ones who can spend it.


Increased Market Share
30% of consumers do not have a credit card which makes it impossible for them to make online payments. Cryptocurrency is a digital payment platform that allows any consumer without a credit card or bank account to pay for things online.


What are the benefits of Titcoin vs. Bitcoin?

Titcoin was developed to work exactly like Bitcoin with several key advantages.


Faster Transaction Speeds

Titcoin transaction processing speeds are 10x faster than Bitcoin. Bitcoin was designed to process transactions after 6 confirmations (or validations) on the peer-to-peer network. Since each Bitcoin confirmation takes on average 10 minutes to process, true Bitcoin transactions take approximately 1 hour to execute.


Titcoin was also designed to process transactions after 6 confirmations. However, each Titcoin confirmation takes on average 1 minute to process which results in transaction times averaging only 6 minutes. We recognize that faster transaction times will lead to quicker sales for adult businesses with less likelihood of drop-offs.


Titcoin was specifically designed to be a transactional currency for businesses to facilitate online payments. Bitcoin on the other hand was designed to be a commodity to store monetary value and not as an instrument to efficiently handle real-time transactions. Comparing Titcoin to Bitcoin is almost the same as comparing money to gold.


Stable Peer-to-Peer Network

All cryptocurrencies use a peer-to-peer network to process transactions. One critical flaw with Bitcoin is the frequency at which it regulates its peer-to-peer network to ensure steady and consistent processing times.


In order to ensure consistent 10 minute confirmation times, Bitcoin readjusts its algorithm approximately once very 2 weeks. This readjustment is largely determined by how many computers have either joined or left the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network. If more computers join the network, the level of difficulty of the algorithm increases and vice versa.


The flaw with Bitcoin can occur if a significant number of computers leave the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network right after the difficulty readjustment. Fewer computers processing Bitcoin transactions will result in longer confirmation times. In a worst case scenario, this could spiral more computers to leave the network which would substantially hinder transaction processing speeds. The stability of the network would essentially be broken at that point.


The only logical way to fix this problem is to increase the frequency at which the algorithm readjusts its difficulty level which is what Titcoin does. Titcoin readjusts its network every minute which significantly reduces the likelihood that transaction times will increase out of control. Constant network readjustments means that Titcoin transaction are more stable and consistent.


Dedicated Technical Support

The team and the community that supports Titcoin is setup to specifically assist adult businesses. We’ve given seminars at adult industry conferences and constantly answer questions that we receive from various businesses and entertainers in the industry.


The community that supports Bitcoin is more focused on general topics covering cryptocurrency usage and payments. As such, they are largely unfamiliar with the nuances that adult business face with regard to online payment processing. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to get any technical support from the Bitcoin developers.


If you have any questions about Titcoin and cryptocurrency, you are more than welcome to reach out to us directly through our support forum or contact form at the bottom of this page.


Where can you spend Titcoin?

This is probably one of the most common questions we receive from adult businesses. The answer is quite simple if you understand the basic concepts of money and cryptocurrency.


The short answer is you can use Titcoins to purchase anything.


Since the beginning of history, the concept of money required both parties in a transaction to agree that some physical object had inherent value. We now live in a digital world where the idea that money needs to be tangible is no longer relevant. The underlying concept is still true that both parties in a transaction need to agree that something has value. However, the nature of that object is no longer part of the equation.


The best way to think about this is akin to visiting a foreign country like Japan and using your U.S. credit card to make purchases. The Japanese merchant receives their currency of choice, and you are able to spend the currency you own. Currency conversions happen electronically behind the scenes and invisible to both parties in the transaction.


Electronic cash operates the same way. Today, there are services that allow you to convert Titcoins and deposit funds onto a pre-paid credit card that you can use in any store. As such, getting paid in Titcoins doesn’t mean you can only use it with another merchant that accepts Titcoin. At this moment, you can realistically use Titcoins to pay for everyday things even at your local grocery store.


One day, it will be feasible to use any cryptocurrency to pay for everyday things. In fact, there are a number of startup companies who are developing platforms that do exactly just that. These services will allow you to pay any merchant in their currency of choice while allowing you to use any currency that you own.


It is important to change the way we historically view the concept of money. Titcoin is simply a vessel that stores monetary value and can be transferred electronically. As such, it doesn’t matter what currency a merchant accepts. The only thing that matters is that Titcoin can be easily converted into their currency of choice… which is possible today.


Wallet Questions

What is a Titcoin Wallet?

A Titcoin wallet is essentially your personal bank account where you receive, deposit and store Titcoin monetary units. A Titcoin wallet is most commonly characterized by a wallet address that looks something similar to this:




You can think of a Titcoin wallet address as a bank account number. However, unlike a bank account number, you can freely publicize and give out your Titcoin wallet address to receive funds just like you would give out your email address.


Now to be technical, a Titcoin wallet doesn’t really store any Titcoins. Titcoins are stored in something call the Blockchain which is a public record keeping ledger managed by a peer-to-peer network. A Titcoin wallet actually stores something called a private key which is used to ‘unlock’ Titcoins that have been deposited into a public wallet address.


This is precisely why you are able to publicize and give out your Titcoin wallet address. Nobody will be able to access your Titcoin funds without your private key. This is also why you need to make sure your private key is kept secret by enabling multiple levels of security to protect your Titcoin wallet.


How do you install a Titcoin wallet on your home computer?

A Titcoin wallet, similar to a bank account, contains a unique account number (known as a wallet address) you use to deposit and store Titcoin denominations. A Titcoin wallet is also used to make payments and transfer funds from one wallet to another.


One of the more secure ways to create a wallet is to install the Titcoin software on your home computer (currently only available on Windows PC computers). The advantage to setting up a local wallet on your computer is it gives you complete control over the security of your funds instead of relying on a 3rd party service to manage your Titcoin account.


Pro-Tip: Make sure your home computer is securely protected from hackers, viruses and spyware by keeping your antivirus and firewall software up to date.


In this guide, we will walk through the steps for installing and setting up a Titcoin wallet on your home computer.


Step 1: Download

Download the Titcoin installation program from this page under “Option 3: Local Wallet”. Several mirror links are available in case the primary download link is no longer available. The file is called “titcoin-1.0.0-win.zip”.


Step 2: Install

Unzip the file you downloaded. You have two options for installing the Titcoin wallet software depending on your level of experience with digital currencies.


For beginners, run the installation file which will automatically extract and install the Titcoin wallet on your computer.


For experts, simply copy the core files to your destination folder.


Pro-Tip: If you have an existing installation of Titcoin, make sure you first backup your existing wallet.dat file. You wallet.dat file contains all of your existing Titcoins. You definitely do not want to risk losing or overwriting this file.


Step 3: Initial Setup

Run the Titcoin wallet QT software for the first time to finalize the software installation. Once the Titcoin wallet opens, immediately shut down and exit the software. You’ll see why in a second. To shut down the software, click on the “File” menu item in the top left, and click on the “Exit” option.


Guide Local Wallet 1


Next, open your Windows Explorer and navigate to the following folder on your computer:


C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Titcoin\


This is a new folder that was created after running the Titcoin wallet software for the first time above. This path is where the new Titcoin folder lives on a Windows 7 machine. On other versions of Windows, the above path will look relatively similar. You basically need to navigate into the “Roaming” folder located inside the “Application Data” folder for a specific user (which would be your user name in most cases). In some instances, this folder may be hidden so you will need to unhide hidden folders through your computer settings in order to find it.


Once you are inside of the Titcoin folder, you need to copy the “titcoin.conf” file into this folder. You can find the “ticoin.conf” file inside the zip file you originally downloaded and opened. You generally don’t have to modify this file unless you plan to do some Titcoin mining which is for advanced users.


Step 4: Synchronize

You may now run the Titcoin software again. This time, your Titcoin wallet software will begin to synchronize with the Titcoin peer-to-peer network. It is essentially downloading the entire history of every Titcoin transaction to your computer (also known as the blockchain). This is precisely how digital currencies work. Every computer on the network has the complete record of every transaction which is a “checks and balances” system that ensures future transactions are legitimate. In other words, transactions are processed when multiple computers look at the same history and agree that a transaction is valid based on prior ownership of each Titcoin.


Synchronization may take several hours depending on the speed of your computer and internet.


Step 5: Encrypt (Optional)

It is highly recommended that you password protect your Titcoin wallet software. In the event that a hacker gains access to your wallet data file, encrypting your wallet with a password will add an extra level of security protecting your Titcoins from theft.


Guide Local Wallet 2


In the “Settings” menu item in the top left, select the “Encrypt Wallet” option. You will be prompted to enter and confirm your password. Once a password has been set, you will be prompted to enter the password every time you withdraw or transfer funds from this wallet. A password is not required when making deposits into your Titcoin wallet.


Pro-Tip: Don’t forget your password. It is nearly impossible to gain access to your Titcoins if you forget your password.


Step 6: Backup (Optional)

Once you have your Titcoin wallet encrypted with a password, you may want to consider making backup copies of your wallet file. This is good practice if you have a lot of Titcoins since computer hard drives can crash and wipe away all of your savings.


The first way to do this is to manually create a backup by selecting the “Backup Wallet” option under the “File” menu item.


Guide Local Wallet 3


This creates a new backup of your existing wallet.dat file which stores information about all the Titcoins attached to your Titcoin wallet address. Save this new backup file somewhere else such as on a USB stick. This way, if your computer hard drive crashes, you will always have a backup stored in a separate location.


The second way to do this is to have a cloud service automatically save a copy of your wallet.dat file. Using cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box or Google Drive will allow you to automatically synchronize and save the contents of a folder in the cloud. If you choose this option, the folder you need to backup is the same folder mentioned above:


C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Titcoin\


Simply configure your cloud storage software to synchronize this specific folder on your computer.


Pro-Tip: If you plan to save a backup of your wallet file on another computer or on a cloud storage service, it is highly recommended you have your wallet file encrypted with a very strong password. Even then, consider this option as a short term solution to back up your file in case of unexpected hardware failures. For long term storage and security, it is recommended you store your Titcoins in a paper wallet.


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How do you create an online Titcoin wallet?

A Titcoin wallet, similar to a bank account, contains a unique account number (known as a wallet address) you use to deposit and store Titcoin denominations. A Titcoin wallet is also used to make payments and transfer funds from one wallet to another.


The easiest method to create a Titcoin wallet is by registering for an account on any one of the online wallets or currency exchanges that support Titcoin. A full list can be viewed on this page under “Option 2: Online Wallet”.


Pro-Tip: An online wallet is not as secure as a local or paper wallet due to the possibility of hackers. Although an online wallet is easy to set up and great for day-to-day transactions, consider a local or paper wallet if you plan to store Titcoins for longer durations.


In this guide, we will walk through the steps for setting up an wallet on an online wallet service called CoinWallet which we recommend because it’s simple and free.


Step 1: Registration

Visit CoinWallet.co and register for an account.




Fill out the registration form with your Username, Email and Password. This information will not be publicly visible and is only used by CoinWallet for login purposes. Submit the form to complete the registration.


Pro-Tip: For added privacy, you can create multiple accounts for free. You can set up one online wallet for business purposes and another wallet for personal transactions.


Step 2: Titcoin Dashboard

Once you create an account, you will automatically be logged in. At this point, you will still not have a Titcoin wallet yet. You will need to set-up a Titcoin wallet through your Coin Settings.


In the main navigation, click the “Coins” option and select Titcoin from the list.




You will be taken to your Titcoin Dashboard which will display all transactions you’ve received and sent into your Titcoin wallet.




Your Titcoin wallet and Dashboard will be empty since you haven’t created a wallet address yet.


Pro-Tip: One bonus of using CoinWallet is that you can set up online wallets for many other currencies that they support. Simply repeat these steps for every currency you want to accept.


Step 3: Generate

The final step is to create a Titcoin address that will be associated with your Titcoin wallet. Click on the “My Addresses” option in the Ticoin Dashboard.




You will be taken to a page that lists out all Titcoin addresses you own. All you have to do at this point is click on the “Generate New Address” button. A new and unique Titcoin address will be created for you which will be displayed below.




Your Titcoin address is similar to an email address that you can publicly promote to receive any quantity of Titcoin amounts. You can also use this address to integrate into your website to receive payments for products or services. Even though you can publicly promote your Titcoin address, you will be the only person who can access and withdraw funds from your account.


Congratulations! You now have an official Titcoin wallet. Any funds that you receive will appear on your Dashboard when you log into your account. Furthermore, you may use your Titcoin Dashboard to send funds to another Titcoin account if you wish.


Pro-Tip: CoinWallet allows you to create up to 50 Titcoin addresses per account. This will allow you to label and use addresses for various purposes, or to perform transactions with specific individuals or groups.


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How do you create a paper Titcoin wallet?

A Titcoin wallet, similar to a bank account, contains a unique account number (known as a wallet address) you use to deposit and store Titcoin denominations. A Titcoin wallet is also used to make payments and transfer funds from one wallet to another.


The safest way to keep Titcoins for long term storage is to use a paper wallet. A paper wallet contains your unique wallet address, but it also contains a private code (known as a private key) that is used to unlock the funds you deposited into this wallet. Because a paper wallet is in a physical format disconnected from the internet, it is impossible to hack thus making it very safe to store Titcoins offline.


Pro-Tip: You absolutely should never reveal your private key. This includes taking a photograph and storing the image on a computer. If your private key is revealed, anyone will be able to use it to unlock your wallet address and steal your Titcoins. If you wish to copy your private key, the best option is to write it down on another piece of paper which you should hide. In other words, never store your private key in digital format since this defeats the purpose of having a paper wallet.


In this guide, we will walk through the steps for setting up and using a paper wallet through a service called Wallet Generator. We will also show you how to withdraw all of your funds from a paper wallet when the time comes.


Step 1: Generate

Visit the Wallet Generator website to create your paper wallet.


Guide Paper Wallet 1


You will immediately see a trail of green dots following your mouse cursor. This is just a mechanism that adds extra randomness to the wallet address being generated. Continue moving your mouse around the screen until the green bar in the top right turns completely orange.


The page will refresh and reveal both your public address and private key (initially for Bitcoin by default). In order to generate a Titcoin address and private key, you will need to toggle the page into Titcoin mode.


In the top right, there is a drop-down menu where you choose the currency. Selecting Titcoin from the list will refresh the public address and private key on the page. You now have your Titcoin wallet address and private key.


Guide Paper Wallet 2


Pro-Tip: For extra security, it is recommended you download this Wallet Generator tool to your local computer and disconnect from the internet when creating your Titcoin wallet address and private key. Download the zip file from this link, disconnect from the internet, unzip the file, and open the index.html inside the unzipped folder.


Step 2: Print

Now that you’ve created your Titcoin wallet address and private key, you will next need to print it out onto paper.


In the top left, click on the tab called “Paper Wallet” to display your paper wallet. You will see your Public wallet address and Private key formatted in a layout that allows you to easily fold the paper into a credit card size. Click the “Print” button on the top right to print out your paper wallet.


Guide Paper Wallet 3


Once printed, you can fold the paper along the dotted lines the in the diagram below.


Guide Paper Wallet 4


Pro-Tip: Your Public Titcoin wallet address can be freely given out. This is the address you will deposit your Titcoins into for storage and safe keeping. Your Private key must remain top secret. Make sure you keep this paper wallet in a safe place. If you plan to store a significant amount of Titcoins, you might want to consider a safe or safety deposit box. Also consider writing down your Private key and keeping the copy in a safe location. If you ever lose your Private key, you will not be able to access your Titcoins and they will be lost forever.


Step 3: Withdraw

Paper wallets are intended to be a storage medium and not a way to perform transactions like withdrawals and transfers. You typically make all your deposits into a paper wallet for safe keeping, and perform a single bulk withdrawal when the time comes to spend your Titcoins. This is why a paper wallet is the safest way to store your Titcoins for the long term.


In order to withdraw all of your Titcoins from a paper wallet, you will need to install the Titcoin software on your computer (currently only available on Windows PC computers). Follow the instructions above for installing a Titcoin wallet on your home computer.


When you open the Titcoin software, click on the “Debug Window” option under the “Help” menu item in the top left. A new debug window will appear.


Guide Paper Wallet 5


Click on the “Console” tab in the top left. This will toggle the Debug window and allow you to enter console commands into the Titcoin software.


Guide Paper Wallet 6


At the very bottom, you will see a blank text box that will allow you to enter console commands. To withdraw all your Titcoins from a paper wallet, you need to essentially import your paper wallet into the Titcoin software.


In the blank text box, enter the following command:


importprivkey YourTitcoinPrivateKey


Replace “YourTitcoinPrivateKey” with your unique Private key from your paper wallet. It will look like a long string of letters and numbers. This Private key is case sensitive so make sure you capitalize letters accordingly. For example, this is what it would look like if you properly entered a Private key into the blank text box:


Importprivkey 5K84q5v59AnBuXnXPGRH7wFNgQrKCAXG3GS7BM7VYh66PywVzvQ


When you press the “Enter” button on your keyboard, the Titcoin software will begin importing all of your paper wallet Titcoins. Once this operation has completed, your local Titcoin wallet will now contain all of Titcoins from your paper wallet. You can now withdraw and transfer Titcoins normally using your local wallet.


You can also throw away your old paper wallet at this point. If you wish to re-deposit Titcoins back onto a paper wallet, please follow the steps from the beginning to create a brand new paper wallet.


Pro-Tip: You can always check at any time to see how many Titcoins you have stored in your paper wallet by visiting our Block Explorer. Simply enter your Public Titcoin wallet address in the search box and submit. This will display a list of all transactions for this specific wallet address including deposits and transfers. You will also see the sum total of Titcoins that are currently associated with this wallet address.


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Mining Questions

What are the basics of solo mining?

So you’ve decided to set up a local Titcoin wallet and/or a solo mining rig. We’ll cover the basics specifically for Titcoin. But if you need additional help, Google and YouTube can be your best friends.


There are three (3) core components for setting up a solo mining operation:


Step 1:

You first need to download and install the Titcoin wallet.


Step 2:

You next need mining hardware. You could use your current computer, but for better results you might want to consider dedicated mining hardware (specifically for SHA-256). Some companies that sell mining hardware include:



Step 3:

Finally, you need mining software which will allow your hardware to solo mine (or join a mining pool). The two most popular mining software are CGMiner and BFGMiner. Here are some tutorials that will help get you started:



How do you solo mine Titcoin?

STEP 1. First make sure the wallet syncs


Sync your wallet, to do this use the delivered config file (the file is named “titcoin.conf” and was provided in one of the download links) and place it in the following directory (for Windows 7):




** Other Windows versions have a similar folder which is easy to locate.


STEP 2. Check the conf file and fill in your username and password


Go back to the file:




… and open it in your favorite text editor (e.g. notepad, although it is not a great one ;p).


It will look something like this:




Replace the “rpcuser” and “rpcpassword” in the config file with your username and password of choice.


Save the file, and make sure it is saved!


STEP 3. Run your wallet (and let it sync)


Start your wallet by using the windows command prompt (to get the command prompt, open windows start menu and type cmd). Or if you have this option in your context menu, right click on the titcoin folder and select “open cmd here”


If not, just open it through the start menu and go to the correct folder using ‘cd’ (if you don’t know how to do this, look it up) in the command prompt (cmd).


CMD Prompt


Then start your titcoin wallet with the “-server” option


CMD Prompt



STEP 4. Fire up CGMiner and point it to your wallet IP address


To do that, you need to start cgminer with the following commands:


cgminer.exe -o localhost:8369 -u username -p password


Do this again in the the “cmd” (make sure you are in the cgminer folder)


  • Make sure you use the same port as noted in the conf file
  • Replace the username with the username of your conf file
  • Replace the password with the password of your conf file


To make it easier to start the file later, you can make a new file called launch.bat and place the above command in there.


When you double click a .bat file it will execute this command as though you entered it in the cmd command prompt.


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Why did we choose the SHA-256 algorithm?

During our discovery phase, we did entertain the idea of releasing a Scrypt coin. However, based on closer analysis, we felt the strengths of the SHA-256 algorithm outweighed Scrypt for the following reasons:


Although by design Scrypt offers a more level playing field for prospective miners, Scrypt currencies are not immune to the power of ASIC hashpower. It will only be a matter of time before a manufacturer figures out a way to produce high hashing Scrypt mining hardware. In which case, this advantage is only temporary and short-term.


Second, Bitcoin uses the SHA-256. As the poster child of digital currency, Bitcoin by far has the most coverage in the media and the most number of advocates. As digital currencies become more mainstream, it is likely new users to the market will focus on SHA-256 mining. This gives us an advantage since the mechanics for mining Bitcoin are exactly the same for Titcoin. In other words, we will always have an established and growing population of miners.


Finally, the backbone of a cryptocurrency network relies on its hashing power to perform and validate transactions. The global SHA-256 hashrate dwarfs Scrypt and every other algorithm on the market. Most manufacturers have focused their products on SHA-256 hardware because of Bitcoin mentioned above. As time goes on, SHA-256 hardware will become cheaper and more powerful which will continue to help support SHA-256 currencies like Titcoin in the long term.


What was the Titcoin pre-mine?

The Titcoin premine was never a secret from the beginning. Since one of our goals is to establish relationships with members of the adult entertainment industry, a premine was necessary to secure bounties that we are offering to participating businesses as an incentive to accept Titcoin. A premine will also provide us with operating capital to continue marketing Titcoin and develop further partnerships.


Our target premine value which we publicly announced from the beginning was only 0.75% of the total 69 million Titcoins to be minted. In fact, we ended up premining slightly less than this amount. When we initially launched, we also gave away Titcoins to members of the cryptocurrency community as a gesture of good will.


You can view our wallet which contains our current premine balance at:




As you can see, the premine is entirely intact. This should alleviate any and all concerns that Titcoin was developed purely as a pump and dump currency.

Merchant Questions

Are there any restrictions with using Titcoin?

Technically there are no restrictions on the type of product or service a business may provide in exchange for Titcoin payments. Although we created the software that runs the Titcoin network, Titcoin now belongs in the public domain and we have no control over how the currency is used particularly if the transaction occurs person-to-person.


Cryptocurrency is basically a decentralized monetary system that is anonymously managed by a peer-to-peer network (aka the Internet). Similar to normal physical cash, it can be exchanged without the government nor a bank knowing the nature of the transaction.


The reason why credit cards have restrictions is because transactions are managed and processed by the credit card companies which makes them liable for all activities on their computer system. Because Titcoin and all cryptocurrency transactions are processed by a decentralized computer network, it’s impossible to regulate, manage and restrict what types of transactions take place.


However, if you decide to use a payment processor for Titcoin and Bitcoin (as opposed to direct person-to-person payments), some might have content restrictions so you will have to check with them. Generally, most of them have very lenient restrictions and will process most types of transactions provided they are not inherently illegal.


We should finally point out that even though we can’t manage Titcoin transactions, we don’t support businesses and individuals who engage in activities that are deemed universally illegal and inherently offensive (e.g. child pornography, bestiality, rape, etc.). We will not promote nor provide technical support to those engaged in such activities.


Are there purchase limits or time delays when buying Titcoin?

Generally speaking, there are no limits on how many Titcoins can be purchased at one time. In addition, Titcoins can be purchased instantly on any one of our partner currency exchanges.


However, purchase limits and delays could occur based on any restrictions in place with your existing bank or credit card. Credit cards typically have a credit limit which will prevent you from making purchases over that amount. In addition, bank transfers may take several days to process if you plan to fund your account on a currency exchange with fiat currency (e.g. US Dollars).


Can Titcoins be purchased and used outside of the United States?

The beauty of a cryptocurrency like Titcoin is that it isn’t constrained by geographic and political boundaries. Titcoins can be purchased and used in every country. However, there are two obvious requirements. First, you will need to have access to an internet-enabled device such as a computer or smartphone. Second, you will need to have the funds to make online purchases.


How private are Titcoin transactions for merchants and consumers?

The Titcoin network does not record any personal information of businesses and people performing transactions. This means that Titcoin is a virtually anonymous payment system for online transactions. However, since Titcoin is a cryptocurrency that relies on a public accounting system managed by a peer-to-peer network, the only information that is recorded are the Titcoin wallet addresses involved in a transaction and the amount of Titcoins being transferred.


Naturally, if a Titcoin wallet address is publicly associated with your personal information, then that information becomes discoverable. In other words, the level of privacy associated with a cryptocurrency is only as private as you make it to be similar to your Social Security number. If you don’t want your personal information to be revealed, don’t publicly associate your wallet address with your personal information.


What we recommend to those looking for an extra level of privacy is to create two different Titcoin wallets. The first wallet should not be tied to any personal information, and should be only used to perform normal transactions. The second wallet which may have personal information should only be used for private transactions from your first wallet to yourself.


Generally speaking, your personal information is never revealed to the other party in a person-to-person Titcoin transaction.  Even if you use a third-party payment processor, your personal information is never revealed. However, third-party payment processors may require you to provide them with personal information. This information is almost always kept private except in unusual situations such as if a government entity issues a search warrant for illegal activities.


How do you accept Titcoin payments using CoinPayments?

CoinPayments.net is a service that offers basic Titcoin checkout options for a variety of hosted stores and popular WordPress shopping cart platforms. In addition, CoinPayments also supports standalone checkout/donation buttons to immediately receive Titcoin payments and tributes for adult products and services.


Here is a full list of shopping cart plugins and hosted stores that support CoinPayments (and Titcoin) integration:


  • Blesta
  • BoxBilling
  • Drupal Commerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Ecwid Hosted Stores
  • Hikashop
  • OpenCart
  • osCommerce
  • Magento
  • PrestaShop
  • TomatoCart
  • WooCommerce
  • WP e-Commerce
  • Ubercart
  • Zen Cart


This guide will show you how to set up a very quick and easy checkout/donation button using the CoinPayments service.


Pro-Tip: In order to begin receiving Titcoin payments, you will first need to create a Titcoin Wallet. Please read the above guides for setting up a Titcoin wallet before continuing.


Step 1: Registration


To accept Titcoin payments for your business, you will need to register and create an account with CoinPayments. Visit their Registration Page which requires you to enter basic login information. This should only take you a few minutes to complete.


Step 2: Account Settings


There are a bunch of account settings you may want to modify based on your preferences. However, a few specific settings are required before you are able to start accepting Titcoin payments.


Once you create your CoinPayments account, log into their website. In the main navigation under the “My Account” menu item, select the “Account Settings” option in the menu list. You will be taken to a page where you can configure your account settings.


Guide CoinPayments 1


Pay special attention to the value next to “Your Merchant ID”. This is your unique merchant ID that you need to add into the code you install on your website and/or into any of the supported WordPress plugins.


Enter a value for your Public Name which is what appears on the checkout page. Finally enter your Public Email which will be sent to your customers upon checkout.


Step 3: Configuration


Now that your CoinPayments account is set up, the last thing you need to do is enable Titcoin as part of your payments configuration. In the main navigation under the “My Account” menu item, select the “Coin Acceptance Settings” option in the menu list. You will be taken to a page where you can configure your account settings.


You will see a list of digital currencies that you can enable for your website. Scroll down until you find Titcoin (TIT).


Guide CoinPayments 2


Check the box on the far left to enable Titcoin payments on your website. In the blank text box, enter your Titcoin wallet address. This is essentially your deposit address where all Titcoin payments will be sent upon checkout. You should have already created a Titcoin wallet in order to obtain this address. Please read the above guides for setting up a Titcoin wallet if you haven’t already done so.


Finally, identify your Payout Mode. This will determine how frequently Titcoins will be deposited into your wallet address. The “ASAP” setting means every transaction will be automatically deposited into your Titcoin account.


Congratulations! You are now set up to accept Titcoin payments. At this point, you can now add the appropriate codes to your website to process Titcoin transactions.


Pro-Tip: CoinPayments allows you to accept a variety of other cryptocurrency payments including Bitcoin. Follow the same steps above to enable multiple cryptocurrency payment options for your site.


Step 4: Implementation


CoinPayments supports a number of out-of-the-box payment methods including Buy Now, Shopping Cart Checkout, Donations and Point of Sales. They also support Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) that you can use on your website to automate the order fulfillment process for your customers. This is useful if your customer is paying for immediate access to online content.


Visit the CoinPayments Merchant Tools page to access their suite of checkout options. Since all form submissions utilize the POST method, advanced web developers can easily customize the HTML code for their individual website needs.


Below are examples of how easy it is to implement Titcoin payments on your site.


Example 1: Buy Now Button


Buy Now Checkout is useful for single item purchases such as subscriptions or membership fees. This will allow you to set a fixed price for a single item or service in $US and allow your customers to pay for it with Titcoins. The pricing calculations occur automatically based on current exchange rates.


Basic Buy Now Example

Awesome Site 1-month Membership:     $10.00



To set up a checkout button similar to above, copy and paste the following HTML code:


<form action=”https://www.coinpayments.net/index.php” method=”post” target=”_blank”>

<input type=”hidden” name=”cmd” value=”_pay”>

<input type=”hidden” name=”reset” value=”1″>

<input type=”hidden” name=”merchant” value=”096800d50a5ca8834983ef2bb902db0f“>

<input type=”hidden” name=”currency” value=”USD”>

<input type=”hidden” name=”amountf” value=”10.00“>

<input type=”hidden” name=”item_name” value=”Awesome Site 1-month Membership“>

<input type=”hidden” name=”allow_currencies” value=”TIT”>

<input type=”hidden” name=”want_shipping” value=”0″>

<input type=”hidden” name=”cstyle” value=”grid2″>

<input type=”image” src=”YourImage.png” alt=”Pay with Titcoins”>



In this example, the only values you need to update in red are your Merchant ID, Product Price, Product Name and your checkout button image.


Pro-Tip: Additional values are available depending on the needs of your website. This includes Shipping Information, Quantity, and Product Attributes. Click here for a full list of values that you can add to this HTML code.


Example 2: Donation Button


Donations are useful for artists and performers looking to earn a few extra bucks from their fans. This will allow your fans to set their own donation price in $US and allow them to pay for it with Titcoins. The pricing calculations occur automatically based on current exchange rates.


Basic Donation Example

Please send me any donation amount.



To set up a checkout button similar to above, copy and paste the following HTML code:


<form action=”https://www.coinpayments.net/index.php” method=”post” target=”_blank”>
<input type=”hidden” name=”cmd” value=”_donate”>
<input type=”hidden” name=”reset” value=”1″>
<input type=”hidden” name=”merchant” value=”096800d50a5ca8834983ef2bb902db0f“>
<input type=”hidden” name=”currency” value=”USD”>
<input type=”hidden” name=”allow_amount” value=”1″>
<input type=”hidden” name=”item_name” value=”Donation for Ms. Superstar“>
<input type=”hidden” name=”allow_currencies” value=”TIT”>
<input type=”hidden” name=”cstyle” value=”grid2″>
<input type=”image” src=”YourImage.png” alt=”Donate Titcoins” width=”200px”>


In this example, the only values you need to update in red are your Merchant ID, Donation Name and your checkout button image.


Pro-Tip: Additional values are available depending on the needs of your website. This includes Shipping Information, Quantity, and Product Attributes. Click here for a full list of values that you can add to this HTML code.


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How do you accept Titcoin payments using CoinToPay?

CoinToPay.com is a service that offers a suite of cryptocurrency merchant tools allowing businesses to accept and process Titcoin payments. In addition, CoinToPay provides hosted cryptocurrency wallets, pays out in your currency of choice and supports customer credit card transactions.


Here is a list of key features provided by CoinToPay:



This guide will show you how to set up a very quick and easy checkout button using the CoinToPay service.


Pro-Tip: CoinToPay eliminates the need to manage your own Titcoin wallet address through their hosted wallet and payment services. However, if you do need a personal Titcoin deposit address for yourself, you will need to set up a Local, Online or Paper wallet. Please read the above guides for setting up a Titcoin wallet before continuing.


Step 1: Registration


To accept Titcoin payments for your business, you will need to register and create an account with CoinToPay. Visit their Website and scroll down to their Registration form to create an account.


Guide CoinToPay 1


You Wallet Name is the name of your business that you want to display on your Checkout screen. You can change this at any time in your account settings.


Your Nick Name is your private Username that you use to log into the CoinToPay website. This you cannot change once you create an account.


Make sure Titcoin TIT is highlighted which will automatically enable your Titcoin wallet and allow you to accept Titcoin payments.


Finally, select Secure Cloud as your desired service. This is the easiest way to get started with little configuration.


Pro-Tip: You can also enable a variety of other cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin) with your account. There is an account setting called Wallet Preference that allows you to turn on/off different cryptocurrencies in your account.


Step 2: Dashboard


After you create your account and login, you will be taken to your merchant wallet dashboard. This is where you can track all of your incoming Titcoin (and other cryptocurrency) transactions and payments. You can always access your dashboard by clicking the “Wallet” link in the main navigation.


Guide CoinToPay 2


Pro-Tip: The coin logos at the top of your dashboard indicate all of the cryptocurrencies you are able to accept into your merchant wallet. You can easily add or remove a cryptocurrency by going into your account settings.


Step 3: Account Settings


The account settings page is where you can obtain the HTML codes to set up a Titcoin checkout process on your website. In the main navigation, click on the “Account” option.


You will be taken to a page that lists a variety of settings and options for you to configure as needed. To quickly set up a buy now or donation checkout button, open the setting called “Generate HTML scripts for website.”


Guide CoinToPay 3


Pro-Tip: The “Payment URLs” setting allow you to identify a customized Payment Confirmation and Payment Failed page on your website. This is optional and set to a generic page hosted by CoinToPay by default.


Step 4: Implementation


Copy and paste the appropriate HTML code into your website depending on whether you want a simple checkout button or a checkout form.


Guide CoinToPay 4


You only need to make a few modifications to the code to customize it for your website. Below are examples of how easy it is to implement Titcoin payments on your site.


Example 1: Buy Now and Donation Checkout Buttons


Checkout buttons are useful for single item purchases such as subscriptions or donations. This will allow you to set a fixed Titcoin price for a single item or service and allow your customers to pay for it in a single click.


Basic Checkout Button Example

Awesome Site 1-month Membership:     20,000 Titcoins



To set up a checkout button similar to above, copy and paste the following HTML code:


<a href=”https://cointopay.com/MerchantAPI?Checkout=true&MerchantID=403&Amount=20000.000&AltCoinID=17&CustomerReferenceNr=Checkout-TitCoin&SecurityCode=357146512“><img src=”https://cointopay.com/img/cointopay_titcoincheckout.png”></a>


In this example, the only values you need to update in red are your Merchant ID, Titcoin Amount, Reference and Security Code. If you copy and paste this code directly from your account settings page, all of the values will already be configured for your merchant wallet.


Pro-Tip: You might want to consider dynamically setting your price to your currency of choice (e.g. US Dollars). This way, your customers will be charged the appropriate amount of Titcoins that equals your fiat price based on current market value. You can do this by connecting your website to several APIs that provide real-time fiat prices of Titcoin. We recommend using the CoinWarz.com API to retrieve this value.


Example 2: Checkout Form


Checkout forms provide additional flexibility to integrate Titcoin payments into an existing shopping cart platform. This option allows you to specify the payment amount in your currency of choice, and the checkout page automatically calculates how many Titcoins a customer needs to send based on current market value.


This is particularly useful if you have a shopping cart that supports multiple products and shipping fees that require an aggregated sum total for the customer to pay. This can also be used for donation pages that allow fans to manually enter a customized donation amount.


Basic Checkout Button Example


Awesome Product ABC:     $9.95

Awesome Product XYZ:     $19.95


SUBTOTAL: $29.90


Pay with:


To set up a checkout button similar to above, copy and paste the following HTML code with your own customization:


<form method=”post” action=”https://cointopay.com/MerchantAPI” target=”_blank”>

<input type=”hidden” name=”Checkout” value=”true”>

<input type=”hidden” name=”MerchantID” value=”403“>

<input type=”hidden” name=”SecurityCode” value=”357146512“>

<input type=”hidden” name=”CustomerReferenceNr” value=”ProductID“>

Pay with:

<select name=”AltCoinID”>

<option value=”17″>TitCoin TIT</option>


<input type=”hidden” name=”inputCurrency” value=”USD”>

<input type=”hidden” name=”Amount” value=”29.90“><BR>

<input type=”image” src=”http://cointopay.com/img/cointopay_titcoincheckout.png” alt=”Pay with Titcoins”>



In this example, the only values you need to update in red are your Merchant ID, Reference, Security Code and Price. If you copy and paste this code directly from your account settings page, all of the values will already be configured for your merchant wallet.


Pro-Tip: If you’re familiar with basic HTML, you can easily customize the above form to suit the needs of your website so long as the appropriate variables are sent to the CoinToPay server. You can essentially hide all of the form fields and have the price dynamically set based on the sum total in a shopping cart.


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If you have any questions or issues about getting started with Titcoin, we have several resources for you to explore. The best place to get support is in our discussion forum where technical members of the Titcoin community can assist you with any question that you have.

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