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How do you create a paper Titcoin wallet?

A Titcoin wallet, similar to a bank account, contains a unique account number (known as a wallet address) you use to deposit and store Titcoin denominations. A Titcoin wallet is also used to make payments and transfer funds from one wallet to another.


The safest way to keep Titcoins for long term storage is to use a paper wallet. A paper wallet contains your unique wallet address, but it also contains a private code (known as a private key) that is used to unlock the funds you deposited into this wallet. Because a paper wallet is in a physical format disconnected from the internet, it is impossible to hack thus making it very safe to store Titcoins offline.


Pro-Tip: You absolutely should never reveal your private key. This includes taking a photograph and storing the image on a computer. If your private key is revealed, anyone will be able to use it to unlock your wallet address and steal your Titcoins. If you wish to copy your private key, the best option is to write it down on another piece of paper which you should hide. In other words, never store your private key in digital format since this defeats the purpose of having a paper wallet.


In this guide, we will walk through the steps for setting up and using a paper wallet through a service called Wallet Generator. We will also show you how to withdraw all of your funds from a paper wallet when the time comes.


Step 1: Generate

Visit the Wallet Generator website to create your paper wallet.


Guide Paper Wallet 1


You will immediately see a trail of green dots following your mouse cursor. This is just a mechanism that adds extra randomness to the wallet address being generated. Continue moving your mouse around the screen until the green bar in the top right turns completely orange.


The page will refresh and reveal both your public address and private key (initially for Bitcoin by default). In order to generate a Titcoin address and private key, you will need to toggle the page into Titcoin mode.


In the top right, there is a drop-down menu where you choose the currency. Selecting Titcoin from the list will refresh the public address and private key on the page. You now have your Titcoin wallet address and private key.


Guide Paper Wallet 2


Pro-Tip: For extra security, it is recommended you download this Wallet Generator tool to your local computer and disconnect from the internet when creating your Titcoin wallet address and private key. Download the zip file from this link, disconnect from the internet, unzip the file, and open the index.html inside the unzipped folder.


Step 2: Print

Now that you’ve created your Titcoin wallet address and private key, you will next need to print it out onto paper.


In the top left, click on the tab called “Paper Wallet” to display your paper wallet. You will see your Public wallet address and Private key formatted in a layout that allows you to easily fold the paper into a credit card size. Click the “Print” button on the top right to print out your paper wallet.


Guide Paper Wallet 3


Once printed, you can fold the paper along the dotted lines the in the diagram below.


Guide Paper Wallet 4


Pro-Tip: Your Public Titcoin wallet address can be freely given out. This is the address you will deposit your Titcoins into for storage and safe keeping. Your Private key must remain top secret. Make sure you keep this paper wallet in a safe place. If you plan to store a significant amount of Titcoins, you might want to consider a safe or safety deposit box. Also consider writing down your Private key and keeping the copy in a safe location. If you ever lose your Private key, you will not be able to access your Titcoins and they will be lost forever.


Step 3: Withdraw

Paper wallets are intended to be a storage medium and not a way to perform transactions like withdrawals and transfers. You typically make all your deposits into a paper wallet for safe keeping, and perform a single bulk withdrawal when the time comes to spend your Titcoins. This is why a paper wallet is the safest way to store your Titcoins for the long term.


In order to withdraw all of your Titcoins from a paper wallet, you will need to install the Titcoin software on your computer (currently only available on Windows PC computers). Follow the instructions above for installing a Titcoin wallet on your home computer.


When you open the Titcoin software, click on the “Debug Window” option under the “Help” menu item in the top left. A new debug window will appear.


Guide Paper Wallet 5


Click on the “Console” tab in the top left. This will toggle the Debug window and allow you to enter console commands into the Titcoin software.


Guide Paper Wallet 6


At the very bottom, you will see a blank text box that will allow you to enter console commands. To withdraw all your Titcoins from a paper wallet, you need to essentially import your paper wallet into the Titcoin software.


In the blank text box, enter the following command:


importprivkey YourTitcoinPrivateKey


Replace “YourTitcoinPrivateKey” with your unique Private key from your paper wallet. It will look like a long string of letters and numbers. This Private key is case sensitive so make sure you capitalize letters accordingly. For example, this is what it would look like if you properly entered a Private key into the blank text box:


Importprivkey 5K84q5v59AnBuXnXPGRH7wFNgQrKCAXG3GS7BM7VYh66PywVzvQ


When you press the “Enter” button on your keyboard, the Titcoin software will begin importing all of your paper wallet Titcoins. Once this operation has completed, your local Titcoin wallet will now contain all of Titcoins from your paper wallet. You can now withdraw and transfer Titcoins normally using your local wallet.


You can also throw away your old paper wallet at this point. If you wish to re-deposit Titcoins back onto a paper wallet, please follow the steps from the beginning to create a brand new paper wallet.


Pro-Tip: You can always check at any time to see how many Titcoins you have stored in your paper wallet by visiting our Block Explorer. Simply enter your Public Titcoin wallet address in the search box and submit. This will display a list of all transactions for this specific wallet address including deposits and transfers. You will also see the sum total of Titcoins that are currently associated with this wallet address.

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