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This step-by-step guide was created to help you easily get started with Titcoin

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How do you create an online Titcoin wallet?

A Titcoin wallet, similar to a bank account, contains a unique account number (known as a wallet address) you use to deposit and store Titcoin denominations. A Titcoin wallet is also used to make payments and transfer funds from one wallet to another.


The easiest method to create a Titcoin wallet is by registering for an account on any one of the online wallets or currency exchanges that support Titcoin. A full list can be viewed on this page under “Option 2: Online Wallet”.


Pro-Tip: An online wallet is not as secure as a local or paper wallet due to the possibility of hackers. Although an online wallet is easy to set up and great for day-to-day transactions, consider a local or paper wallet if you plan to store Titcoins for longer durations.


In this guide, we will walk through the steps for setting up an wallet on an online wallet service called CoinWallet which we recommend because it’s simple and free.


Step 1: Registration

Visit CoinWallet.co and register for an account.




Fill out the registration form with your Username, Email and Password. This information will not be publicly visible and is only used by CoinWallet for login purposes. Submit the form to complete the registration.


Pro-Tip: For added privacy, you can create multiple accounts for free. You can set up one online wallet for business purposes and another wallet for personal transactions.


Step 2: Titcoin Dashboard

Once you create an account, you will automatically be logged in. At this point, you will still not have a Titcoin wallet yet. You will need to set-up a Titcoin wallet through your Coin Settings.


In the main navigation, click the “Coins” option and select Titcoin from the list.




You will be taken to your Titcoin Dashboard which will display all transactions you’ve received and sent into your Titcoin wallet.




Your Titcoin wallet and Dashboard will be empty since you haven’t created a wallet address yet.


Pro-Tip: One bonus of using CoinWallet is that you can set up online wallets for many other currencies that they support. Simply repeat these steps for every currency you want to accept.


Step 3: Generate

The final step is to create a Titcoin address that will be associated with your Titcoin wallet. Click on the “My Addresses” option in the Ticoin Dashboard.




You will be taken to a page that lists out all Titcoin addresses you own. All you have to do at this point is click on the “Generate New Address” button. A new and unique Titcoin address will be created for you which will be displayed below.




Your Titcoin address is similar to an email address that you can publicly promote to receive any quantity of Titcoin amounts. You can also use this address to integrate into your website to receive payments for products or services. Even though you can publicly promote your Titcoin address, you will be the only person who can access and withdraw funds from your account.


Congratulations! You now have an official Titcoin wallet. Any funds that you receive will appear on your Dashboard when you log into your account. Furthermore, you may use your Titcoin Dashboard to send funds to another Titcoin account if you wish.


Pro-Tip: CoinWallet allows you to create up to 50 Titcoin addresses per account. This will allow you to label and use addresses for various purposes, or to perform transactions with specific individuals or groups.

Technical Support

Help is available if you have any questions about getting started

If you have any questions or issues about getting started with Titcoin, we have several resources for you to explore. The best place to get support is in our discussion forum where technical members of the Titcoin community can assist you with any question that you have. We also have a list of FAQs that should provide quick answers to most common questions.

Technical Support Inquiries

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