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How do you install a Titcoin wallet on your home computer?

A Titcoin wallet, similar to a bank account, contains a unique account number (known as a wallet address) you use to deposit and store Titcoin denominations. A Titcoin wallet is also used to make payments and transfer funds from one wallet to another.


One of the more secure ways to create a wallet is to install the Titcoin software on your home computer (currently only available on Windows PC computers). The advantage to setting up a local wallet on your computer is it gives you complete control over the security of your funds instead of relying on a 3rd party service to manage your Titcoin account.


Pro-Tip: Make sure your home computer is securely protected from hackers, viruses and spyware by keeping your antivirus and firewall software up to date.


In this guide, we will walk through the steps for installing and setting up a Titcoin wallet on your home computer.


Step 1: Download

Download the Titcoin installation program from this page under “Option 3: Local Wallet”. Several mirror links are available in case the primary download link is no longer available. The file is called “titcoin-1.0.0-win.zip”.


Step 2: Install

Unzip the file you downloaded. You have two options for installing the Titcoin wallet software depending on your level of experience with digital currencies.


For beginners, run the installation file which will automatically extract and install the Titcoin wallet on your computer.


For experts, simply copy the core files to your destination folder.


Pro-Tip: If you have an existing installation of Titcoin, make sure you first backup your existing wallet.dat file. You wallet.dat file contains all of your existing Titcoins. You definitely do not want to risk losing or overwriting this file.


Step 3: Initial Setup

Run the Titcoin wallet QT software for the first time to finalize the software installation. Once the Titcoin wallet opens, immediately shut down and exit the software. You’ll see why in a second. To shut down the software, click on the “File” menu item in the top left, and click on the “Exit” option.


Guide Local Wallet 1


Next, open your Windows Explorer and navigate to the following folder on your computer:


C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Titcoin\


This is a new folder that was created after running the Titcoin wallet software for the first time above. This path is where the new Titcoin folder lives on a Windows 7 machine. On other versions of Windows, the above path will look relatively similar. You basically need to navigate into the “Roaming” folder located inside the “Application Data” folder for a specific user (which would be your user name in most cases). In some instances, this folder may be hidden so you will need to unhide hidden folders through your computer settings in order to find it.


Once you are inside of the Titcoin folder, you need to copy the “titcoin.conf” file into this folder. You can find the “ticoin.conf” file inside the zip file you originally downloaded and opened. You generally don’t have to modify this file unless you plan to do some Titcoin mining which is for advanced users.


Step 4: Synchronize

You may now run the Titcoin software again. This time, your Titcoin wallet software will begin to synchronize with the Titcoin peer-to-peer network. It is essentially downloading the entire history of every Titcoin transaction to your computer (also known as the blockchain). This is precisely how digital currencies work. Every computer on the network has the complete record of every transaction which is a “checks and balances” system that ensures future transactions are legitimate. In other words, transactions are processed when multiple computers look at the same history and agree that a transaction is valid based on prior ownership of each Titcoin.


Synchronization may take several hours depending on the speed of your computer and internet.


Step 5: Encrypt (Optional)

It is highly recommended that you password protect your Titcoin wallet software. In the event that a hacker gains access to your wallet data file, encrypting your wallet with a password will add an extra level of security protecting your Titcoins from theft.


Guide Local Wallet 2


In the “Settings” menu item in the top left, select the “Encrypt Wallet” option. You will be prompted to enter and confirm your password. Once a password has been set, you will be prompted to enter the password every time you withdraw or transfer funds from this wallet. A password is not required when making deposits into your Titcoin wallet.


Pro-Tip: Don’t forget your password. It is nearly impossible to gain access to your Titcoins if you forget your password.


Step 6: Backup (Optional)

Once you have your Titcoin wallet encrypted with a password, you may want to consider making backup copies of your wallet file. This is good practice if you have a lot of Titcoins since computer hard drives can crash and wipe away all of your savings.


The first way to do this is to manually create a backup by selecting the “Backup Wallet” option under the “File” menu item.


Guide Local Wallet 3


This creates a new backup of your existing wallet.dat file which stores information about all the Titcoins attached to your Titcoin wallet address. Save this new backup file somewhere else such as on a USB stick. This way, if your computer hard drive crashes, you will always have a backup stored in a separate location.


The second way to do this is to have a cloud service automatically save a copy of your wallet.dat file. Using cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box or Google Drive will allow you to automatically synchronize and save the contents of a folder in the cloud. If you choose this option, the folder you need to backup is the same folder mentioned above:


C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Titcoin\


Simply configure your cloud storage software to synchronize this specific folder on your computer.


Pro-Tip: If you plan to save a backup of your wallet file on another computer or on a cloud storage service, it is highly recommended you have your wallet file encrypted with a very strong password. Even then, consider this option as a short term solution to back up your file in case of unexpected hardware failures. For long term storage and security, it is recommended you store your Titcoins in a paper wallet.

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