Titcoin Guide

This step-by-step guide was created to help you easily get started with Titcoin

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How do you solo mine Titcoin?

STEP 1. First make sure the wallet syncs


Sync your wallet, to do this use the delivered config file (the file is named “titcoin.conf” and was provided in one of the download links) and place it in the following directory (for Windows 7):




** Other Windows versions have a similar folder which is easy to locate.


STEP 2. Check the conf file and fill in your username and password


Go back to the file:




… and open it in your favorite text editor (e.g. notepad, although it is not a great one ;p).


It will look something like this:




Replace the “rpcuser” and “rpcpassword” in the config file with your username and password of choice.


Save the file, and make sure it is saved!


STEP 3. Run your wallet (and let it sync)


Start your wallet by using the windows command prompt (to get the command prompt, open windows start menu and type cmd). Or if you have this option in your context menu, right click on the titcoin folder and select “open cmd here”


If not, just open it through the start menu and go to the correct folder using ‘cd’ (if you don’t know how to do this, look it up) in the command prompt (cmd).


CMD Prompt


Then start your titcoin wallet with the “-server” option


CMD Prompt



STEP 4. Fire up CGMiner and point it to your wallet IP address


To do that, you need to start cgminer with the following commands:


cgminer.exe -o localhost:8369 -u username -p password


Do this again in the the “cmd” (make sure you are in the cgminer folder)


  • Make sure you use the same port as noted in the conf file
  • Replace the username with the username of your conf file
  • Replace the password with the password of your conf file


To make it easier to start the file later, you can make a new file called launch.bat and place the above command in there.


When you double click a .bat file it will execute this command as though you entered it in the cmd command prompt.

Technical Support

Help is available if you have any questions about getting started

If you have any questions or issues about getting started with Titcoin, we have several resources for you to explore. The best place to get support is in our discussion forum where technical members of the Titcoin community can assist you with any question that you have. We also have a list of FAQs that should provide quick answers to most common questions.

Technical Support Inquiries

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