Are park bicycle tools made in USA?

Are park bicycle tools made in USA?

Now over 50 years later, the Park Tool world headquarters is still located in St. Paul Minnesota, home of their engineering, design, manufacturing, and assembly teams. Park Tool remains the industry leader in bicycle tools with an American made product that consumers can trust and enjoy working with.

What is a Park Tool used for?

Park Tool Company is an American designer, manufacturer and marketer of bicycle tools and equipment for both professional and home bicycle mechanics. It manufactures about 4000 products that range from wheel truing stands to hex wrenches.

Are park tools the best bike tools?

Three of the best are Park Tool (which essentially invented specialized bike tools), Pedros, and Feedback Sports. They all make quality tools that will serve you well for years, or even decades, to come. You can also find tools from a number of other brands that make parts and accessories, like Topeak and Bontrager.

Is Park Tool a good brand?

Park Tools are pretty good, but definitely not always the best (see other comments for examples). Some of their stuff is really good, some just OK. But in my experience, none of them are bad, so I don’t mind spending a little more for a tool that I know will last and won’t suck.

Where is Park tools made?

Paul, Minnesota
Paul, Minnesota. Suffice it to say, we were rather impressed. Whereas most manufacturing companies these days outsource all of their production overseas, Park still produces most of its tools—85-percent to be exact—right in its 45,000-square-foot facility. The distribution warehouse.

Who owns Parktool?

Eric Hawkins
Eric Hawkins is the owner/CEO and Chief Mechanic at Park Tool Company the world’s largest manufacturer of specialty bicycle tools and fixtures. Raised in a bike shop, Eric’s career started assembling Sting Rays and Varsity(s) at his father’s shop in the mid 70’s then on to work at Park Tool starting in 1983.

Do I need a cone wrench?

In order to get into those hard-to-reach slots on hub axle cones you are going to need a good set of cone wrenches. Front hubs usually require a 13mm on the axle cone and a 15mm for the locknut.

What tools should I carry on my road bike?

Essential bicycle tool kit to carry in a route

  • Replacement inner tube.
  • Bicycle patches.
  • Bicycle spoke key.
  • Chain tool.
  • Allen key.
  • Screwdrivers.
  • Classic wrench or flat wrench.

Where are Park Tool tools made?

What can I use instead of a cone wrench?

You can purchase a cone wrench at most bicycle shops, but if you are a all about DIY, then you can also make your own using nothing but an angle grinder and an old box wrench like the one shown in this photo. A bicycle axle cone nut is actually a threaded bearing race.

What size wrenches do I need for bike?

HEX TOOLS Once you own a Y hex wrench, you’ll never want to be without one. It’s made up of 4-, 5- and 6mm hex wrenches (the sizes needed for most bike repairs), and the convenient shape provides ample leverage on most bicycle fasteners.

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