How can I use BSNL self care portal?

How can I use BSNL self care portal?

by following the below steps.

  1. Click on Add Customer Account and select connection type, customer category, and state. (
  2. Enter the billing account number and service id.
  3. Click on the Next button.
  4. Enter OTP detail and click on the Next button.
  5. The account will be added to BSNL Customer care self-care online portal.

How can I check my data usage in BSNL self care?

How to check BSNL usage data in My BSNL App

  1. Unlock your mobile screen.
  2. Search for My BSNL App which you already have on your mobile phone or in Tab.
  3. Open the application and find the Usage option to check data usage in iPhone or in Android phone.
  4. Click on Usage.
  5. Select Broadband to know the usage.

How can I check my data balance in BSNL FTTH?

BSNL Data Usage – Check Broadband/FTTH usage Online [3 Ways]

  1. Call 121 and follow the instruction for Data Usage.
  2. type “BAL” and send SMS to 121 and get Balance info SMS on your Phone.

What is service ID in BSNL Selfcare portal?

What are you entering as your service ID? service ID should be your std code with landline number. i,e 0124-2981777 where 0124 is the std code and the rest is the landline number.

How can I create BSNL Self Care account?

To start with, we can open web site where there shows a login menu which asks a user id and CAPTCHA. Existing users will be able to log in here with existing usernames and portal will prompt to input the email id to change for email based login process. New users need to go to Sign Up page.

What is my BSNL portal ID and password?

Login to your modem by typing 192.168. 1.1 and when asked for username and password, put both as ‘admin’ (without the inverted comma).

How do I find my FTTH number?

Find the DSL/FTTH broadband subscription online in 1 minute.

  1. Login to BSNL self care portal account with your credentials.
  2. Click on Account Number shown against Broadband.
  3. Click on My facilities.
  4. Press Click here for details in right side page.
  5. Click Broadband (Click her for more information) at bottom sid.

How can I add more GB in BSNL broadband?

Topup BSNL Broadband or Restore Speed

  1. Step 1 : Go to or or or
  2. Step 2: Choose a Speed Data Pack.
  3. Step 3 : After selection of a Topup Pack, Click Confirm or Proceed.

What is my service ID?

Your service ID and mobile number are located on your TV menu, on the bottom of the screen. In alternative, if you know your service ID, you can RETRIEVE THE REGISTERED MOBILE NUMBER.

How can I get my BSNL account number?

Another way to know your account number is by logging into BSNL portal with the username and password you’ve received from them, and then go to the Customer info section, where you can clearly see your Account number.

How can I change my BSNL portal password?

Enter the URL as….In case OTP is not received.

  1. If we didn’t receive the OTP or OTP session expired then again Reset option is press to continue the process.
  2. Enter the new generated OTP.
  3. Submit the new password and continue the same password in confirm field.
  4. Click on Submit.

What is the BSNL selfcare portal?

BSNL Selfcare: It is a portal of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) where all services are available on a single platform. This online portal allows users to request any service and get a service facility from home.

How to check BSNL Broadband data usage?

BSNL offers two ways for the broadband users to check the data usage – one is using the online portal and the other is with an SMS. Take a look! This is an online selfcare portal launched by BSNL where you have to be registered. It provides the broadband usage and the details of the landline usage as well.

Why BSNL DataOne?

Driven by the very best of telecom technology from chosen global leaders, it connects each inch of the nation to the infinite corners of the globe, to enable you to step into tomorrow. BSNL launched DataOne broadband service in January 2005 which shall be extended to 198 cities. ..

Why choose BSNL?

BSNL is India’s no. 1 Telecom Service provider and most trusted Telecom brand of the Nation. Driven by the very best of telecom technology from chosen global leaders, it connects each inch of the nation to the infinite corners of the globe, to enable you to step into tomorrow.

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