How many secrets are there in submachine 4?

How many secrets are there in submachine 4?

In Submachine 4, there are 21 secrets. After getting all 21 and heading to the lucky room, the player can view 5 pictures and short statements from Mateusz Skutnik about the making of Sub4. In the SD version there are 22 possible secrets, the 22nd available in the Annex.

What are the secret notes in submachine 2?

In Submachine 2, secrets merely function as an achievement. They also make an appearance in the sketch of Submachine 2, where they also only make an appearance as an achievement. These “secret notes” can only be found in the HD version of Submachine 3. They are considered secret because they are out of the way of main gameplay in Level 0 .

How do I use the secret tokens in submachine 7?

In Submachine 7 there are 5 secrets that take the shape of brown tokens. The tokens can be used in a secret location called the super secret bonus section. Inside there are 5 screens that the 5 tokens can be placed inside, showing a secret. The screen system works one-at-a-time like in Sub5.

Are We Alone in the submachine?

Are we alone in the Submachine? Well, yes, but you can always feel somebody right beside you, doing the same things you do in the Submachine. Just one sub-layer away. That’s comforting, isn’t it?

What is submachine 4 the lab?

Submachine 4: The Lab (or Sub4, stylized as Submachine 4: the Lab) is the fourth installment of the main Submachine series . Submachine 4 is a direct continuation of Submachine 3.

How do you play submachine 4?

Submachine 4 is a direct continuation of Submachine 3. The player winds up on the roof of the Lab, after being indirectly rescued by Murtaugh from the loop. After receiving instructions from Mur (via the computer ), the player begins to teleport around the subnet with the purpose of exploring different locations and solving puzzles.

What is the secret system in submachine 6?

The secret system in Submachine 6 is different from previous Submachine games. This time around, secrets are in the form of hidden rooms that either have a note, picture, or a map. “I was sent here by Murtaugh. Of course, who else.” “My objective was to disable the defense systems, so the invasion could reach the core of the subnet.”

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