How many times was Townsville bombed in WW2?

How many times was Townsville bombed in WW2?

Although it escaped the carnage inflicted on Darwin, Townsville still came under direct fire three times during World War II. The city was targeted because of its port facilities and air base, which allowed for the delivery and storage of essential military equipment.

Was Cairns bombed in WW2?

Bombings. On 31 July 1942, eight bombs were dropped from a Japanese long-range flying boat around 13km north Mossman.

What Australian towns were bombed in WW2?

The first air raid on Australia occurred on 19 February 1942 when Darwin was attacked by 242 Japanese aircraft….Air attacks

  • 64 raids on Darwin.
  • 9 raids on Horn Island.
  • 4 raids on Broome.
  • 3 raids on Exmouth Gulf.
  • 3 raids on Townsville.

Did Townsville get bombed in WW2?

Townsville was attacked for the second time in the early hours of 28 July when a single flying boat dropped eight bombs which landed in bushland outside the city.

Was there a war in Townsville?

The Townsville mutiny was a mutiny by African American servicemen of the United States Army while serving in Townsville, Australia, during World War II. At least one person was killed and dozens severely injured, and Australian Army soldiers were called in to roadblock the rioters.

What does Airraids mean?

Definition of air raid : an attack by armed airplanes on a surface target —usually hyphenated when used attributively air-raid shelter.

Has Australia ever been invaded?

In February 1942, an invasion of the Australian continent appeared imminent. Just ten weeks after Japan’s whirlwind invasion of South-East Asia, Australia itself became the target of air and sea attacks.

Did LBJ visit Townsville?

About 600 African American troops from the 96th Battalion, US Army Corps of Engineers, were stationed at a base outside of Townsville called Kelso Field. Johnson, then a young congressman, was visiting Townsville at the time. The mutiny was revealed by a historian in 2012.

Why are there so many WW2 remains in Townsville?

Townsville, Queensland (Fig. 1) is a unique area where the emotional ties to World War II military remains are strongly evident, possibly due to the continued heavy presence of military personnel in the city. The prevalence of World War II material remains, in comparison to other archaeological signatures in Figure 2.

What was the first Japanese raid on Townsville?

The first raid on Townsville occurred around midnight on the night of the 25-26 July 1942 – various reports mention between 2-4 Japanese flying boats dropping six bombs, all of which apparently landed in the sea.

Are there any Australian Army units in Townsville?

Only one of these, The Kennedy Regiment, was based in Townsville :- The only other Australian Army presence in the Townsville area at that time was the 21st Heavy Battery, RAA and the 121st Heavy Battery, RAA which were both Base Units of the 1st Military District, whose Headquarters at that time were in Brisbane.

What was the Central War Room doing in Townsville?

Part of a telegram from the Central War Room Townsville is surprising, and the continued public interest (CWR) in Melbourne advising Townsville command of the Japanese force in the Coral Sea to which in these places even more so.

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