How much do baby hedgehogs usually cost?

How much do baby hedgehogs usually cost?

You are likely to find that a hedgehog costs upwards of $200 from a breeder. You may pay over $300 for more desirable or unusual color varieties of hedgehogs. Take the time to research any breeder you may purchase from to ensure they are reputable and breeding healthy animals.

How much is a mini hedgehog?

The average price ranges from $100 to $300, though this can vary widely. Young, hand-tamed hedgehogs often go for higher prices, as do hedgehogs with desirable coloring.

How can I get a hedgehog online?

The most common places that you can buy a baby hedgehog are as follows:

  1. An online advertising source like Craigslist.
  2. A local privately-owned pet store.
  3. A reptile and exotic animal convention.
  4. An online breeder.
  5. A local breeder within driving distance.

What does a baby hedgehog eat?

What Fruits Can Baby Hedgehogs Eat? Fruits such as bananas, apples, pears, berries, and melons are safe to eat. Look for foods like squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Additionally, there is the option to feed your hedgehogs insects, mealworms, or even cooked meats.

Where to buy a baby Hedgehog?

– Teva will be ready around 06/05/21. – Such a cutie, with a very lovely mask. – She is timid due to quilling right now. – Line under construction, not available to breeders.* – $225

Do hedgehogs make good pets?

To answer the question, yes, hedgehogs can make good pets. To rate whether hedgehogs are good as pets, we only look at 3 primary factors: The most commonly sold, and often confused with the european hedgehog, is the african pygmy hedgehog. Their hypoallergenic nature has been beneficial to my daughter who normally reacts to cats and dogs.

What pet store sells hedgehogs?

A young African Pygmy hedgehog, the most common type kept as a pet, has been returned to a pet store in Whitehorse after it was stolen and I really didn’t know what her intent was, either to sell it or to keep it, or to release it to the wild.”

Where to adopt a hedgehog?

The rescue centre operates from the home of founder Janette Jones and is dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of hedgehogs in the North West. This work comes to the fore in winter as it is the most dangerous time for this endangered species as

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