Is Shimano Alivio m4000 good?

Is Shimano Alivio m4000 good?

I only have one ride in on it, but it has performed well so far. I think it’s a pretty nice budget derailleur. It looks good and performs well at it’s price point. If you can find it on sale it seems like a stellar deal.

Are Shimano groupsets interchangeable?

Thus, cranks from Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo are freely interchangeable along with those from all aftermarket brands (e.g. FSA, Rotor, Praxis, etc.). And while it is preferable to match the chainrings/crankset to the transmission, there is no strict need to do so.

How much does a Shimano Alivio derailleur cost?

The new Alivio RD-M3100-SGS rear derailleur retails for £34.99. The front mech is now more compatible with full suspension bikes. For the old-school 2x and 3x drivetrain fans, Shimano has also updated the Alivio front mechs.

Why choose Shimano Alivio M4000 Shadow rear derailleur?

and rate it. Shimano Alivio M4000 Shadow 9 Speed Rear Mech Alivio MTB – dedicated Mountain Biking components. Control with Confidence: Proven race technology with improved ergonomics, durability and reliability. Shadow Rear derailleur is intended for more aggressive riding.

What is the Alivio rd-m3100-sgs rear derailleur?

The new Alivio RD-M3100-SGS rear derailleur touts a low-profile silhouette using Shimano’s Shadow RD tech, where the mech has been designed to be as slim as possible. This reduces the chances of it getting damaged by rock strikes or the ground and also helps stop the mech hitting the chainstays over rough terrain.

What is the best rear derailleur for a drop bar bike?

An Alivio SGS rear derailleur with Sora triple front derailleur, Sora 3×9 brifters, and a triple crank still yields the widest gear range you can get on a drop bar bike while staying within the manufacturer’s specifications for cassette cog clearance and chain wrap. A great question, and one I will put to Shimano.

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