What is the courageous conversation compass?

What is the courageous conversation compass?

Purpose of the Courageous Conversation Compass: • a personal navigational tool to guide participants through these conversations. • helps us to know where we are personally as well as to recognize the direction from which other. participants come.

What are the 6 conditions courageous conversations?

The Six Conditions of Courageous Conversations :

  • Focus on Personal, Local & Immediate.
  • Isolate Race.
  • Normalize Social Construction & Multiple Perspectives.
  • Monitor Agreements, Conditions & Establish Parameters.
  • Use a “Working Definition” for Race?
  • Examine the Presence and Role of “Whiteness”

What are the 4 Agreements of courageous conversations?

The Four Agreements of Courageous Conversation-stay engaged, expect to experience discomfort, speak your truth, and expect and accept a lack of closure- provide a roadmap for negotiating interracial conflict.

How do you structure a courageous conversation?

How to lead courageous office conversations

  1. Set your intentions clearly.
  2. Create a container.
  3. Prepare facilitators & groups.
  4. Set it up.
  5. Open with vulnerability.
  6. Have the discussion.
  7. Come back together and close.
  8. Support each other.

What is the goal of courageous conversations?

The goal of these conversations is to promote inclusion, understanding and positive action by creating awareness of employees’ experiences and perspectives related to differences in background, experience or viewpoints, such as class, age, gender, gender identification and expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and …

What does it mean to isolate race?

It’s an example of what some are calling “racial isolation,” the phenomenon of a minority group living among others of the same race and language.

What is a courageous conversation?

Courageous conversations involve intentionally giving space to complex issues of social justice, race, and privilege with people at work. These conversations are courageous because they require being bold, openness to sharing your own experiences, and to hearing the experience of others.

What is a working definition for race?

The idea of race came into being as a means of organiz. ing social relations in order to establish and maintain political and eco. nomic domination. Racial categories assume meaning over time through. ongoing interplays of political, economic, cultural, and social forces.

What are examples of courageous conversations?

An example might be : When you talk over me in meetings I don’t feel valued because I can’t say what I want to say to add value to the conversation. In the future I would like you to please refrain from talking over me, or if you feel it’s urgent, to ask me if I’m done so I can allow you to talk over me by choice.

What’s a courageous conversation?

What are hyper segregated schools?

In this analysis, the CRP authors define as “hypersegregated” any school with a 90 percent minority population or a 90 percent white population. Their aim is to determine if charter students nationwide are more or less likely to attend school in such hypersegregated environments.

What is a courageous conversation at work?

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