What size battery does a TrailBlazer take?

What size battery does a TrailBlazer take?

DieHard Silver – Battery, Group Size 78, 700 CCA (Part No. 78-1)

What size battery goes in a 2004 Chevy TrailBlazer?

The 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer usually comes with a Group Battery size of 78.

What kind of battery does a 2002 Chevy TrailBlazer take?

The 2002 Chevy TrailBlazer uses a group 78 battery that has at least 740 cold cranking amps to be able to start it.

What kind of battery does a 2005 Chevy TrailBlazer take?

The 2005 Chevy TrailBlazer uses a battery from battery, group size 75/86, 650 cca. Getting a replacement of thiS-TYPE will cost You about 110 to 140 dollars from moSTStores. To put a new battery in You will first need to remove the old battery.

What size battery goes in a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer?

Battery Size & Replacement for 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer

Battery Engine Cold Cranking Amps
78FT-2 V8/5.3L 800
78-AGM V8/5.3L 740
78-1 V8/6.0L 700
78FT-2 V8/6.0L 800

How much does a battery for a trailblazer cost?

Generally, a car battery will have a service life of 4 to 7 years….

Car 2021 Chevrolet TrailblazerL3-1.3L Turbo
Service Service typeCar Battery Replacement
Estimate Estimate$619.99
Shop/Dealer Price Shop/Dealer Price$752.14 – $1129.69

How much is a battery for a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer?

Depending on power, size, and quality, prices for a replacement car battery range from about $45 to $250.

How long does a trailblazer battery last?

Chevy Blazer batteries typically last between 3-5 years, but this is variable depending on weather conditions, driving habits, the type of battery, and more. You can prolong the life of your Blazer battery by: Keeping your vehicle stored indoors away from extreme swings in temperature or climate.

Where is the battery on a 2002 Trailblazer?

In a Trailblazer, the battery can be found on the driver’s side of the engine.

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