Who did the Slap Chop commercials?

Who did the Slap Chop commercials?

Vince Offer
Born Offer Shlomi April 25, 1964 Beersheba, Israel
Other names Vince Shlomi, ShamWow Guy
Occupation Salesman, screenwriter, film director, film producer, comedian, editor
Years active 1996–present

Why did the Slap Chop guy go to jail?

Shlomi, 44, was arrested last month on a felony battery charge following a violent confrontation with a prostitute in his South Beach hotel room.

When did the Slap Chop come out?

December 2008
Vince visisted the factory that ShamWow’s were made in at Germany which he incoporarted into is commercial by saying “Made in Germany, You know the Germans Make good stuff.” Just 2 years later in December 2008 his second product was aired the Slap Chop, a device that chops fruit,vegetables and nuts in flash.

Can a Slap Chop go in the dishwasher?

The Slap Chop is easily opened for thorough cleaning and is dishwasher safe.

How did the Slap Chop guy died?

After an initial autopsy on June 29, 2009, Vernard Adams, the Hillsborough County, Florida medical examiner, stated that Mays suffered from hypertensive heart disease and that heart disease was the likely cause of his death.

Where is the ShamWow guy today?

Now, after a career built on remaking other’s products, Vince Offer is remaking himself. He says he’s cut back to an occasional glass of wine. He and his girlfriend of two years recently returned from a three-week trip to Switzerland — the first break he’s taken in months.

Does the ShamWow actually work?

The Shamwow bailed us out, repeatedly wringing dry, thirsty for more. As well as it did, though, the final wipe had to happen with a paper towel. On glazed ceramic surfaces, same thing: the Shamwow would pull up about 90 percent of the water, but would just push the last few droplets back and forth.

How many Slap Chops was sold?

Shlomi claims they sold 1 million (again, sounds high!).

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