Who is leader of RRQ mobile legends?

Who is leader of RRQ mobile legends?

The name Rex Regum comes from Latin means ‘king of kings’, while Qeon is the in-game name of Team RRQ President Director, Riki K. Suliawan.

Who is the owner of RRQ?

RRQ, RRQ O2), commonly known as RRQ is a Southeast Asian esports organization based in Indonesia….Rex Regum Qeon.

Short name RRQ
Founded October 2013
Based in Jakarta, Indonesia
Location Southeast Asia
Owner Riki K. Suliawan

Is RRQ Indonesia?

Rex Regum Qeon (abbreviated as RRQ) or known as Team RRQ is an Esports team based in Indonesia.

What is the meaning of Rex regum QEON?

King of Kings
Rex Regum Qeon (formerly known as Rex Regum) is an Indonesian organization. The team was formed prior to the Asian Cyber Games 2013 tournament. “Rex Regum” is Latin for “King of Kings”.

Is Athena in RRQ?

RRQ Athena is a Thai PUBG Mobile team under Rex Regum Qeon, a Multi-gaming organization based in Indonesia.

Who is RRQ coach?

Interview With James Chen, Coach of RRQ.

Who is RRQ Athena?

How old is Albert RRQ?

Recently, news had been circulating that RRQ would be recruiting one more junior player to play in the MPL ID S6, and the rumours pointed to Albert Neilsen Iskandar a.k.a. Alberttt. Today, in an Instagram post, RRQ confirmed that it is indeed the 16-year-old from Denpasar who will be switching over.

What is the meaning of Regum?

: the final argument of kings (i.e., war)

Is Rrq G9 retiring?

G9 previously expressed a desire to retire from professional PUBG Mobile after the Global Championship (PMGC) 2020. It seems, however, that he’ll continue to be seen in action. Fans will be hoping to see G9 compete in the upcoming season of the Pro League (PMPL) in Thailand.

Is Rrq disbanded?

PUBG Mobile RRQ Thai division officially disbands Good luck in your next adventure, see you next time!

How many players does ml have 2020?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Live Monthly Player Detailed

Month Average Monthly Players Monthly Gain / Loss %
May 30, 2020 57,750,000 -0.10
April 30, 2020 64,152,000 -0.02
March 30, 2020 65,488,500 -0.13
February 28, 2020 75,467,700 0.03


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