Who was Enid Blyton?

Who was Enid Blyton?

Enid Mary Blyton was born in 1897 and from a young age loved telling stories to her younger brothers, Hanly and Carey. She qualified as a teacher in 1918, and in 1921 won a writing competition and after her writing was accepted in major children’s magazines.

What is the young adventurers?

The Young Adventurers is a collection of books written by Enid Blyton, also known as The Riddle Series.

What is the Enid Blyton Trust for children?

The Enid Blyton Trust for Children was established in 1982, with Imogen as its first chairman, and in 1985 it established the National Library for the Handicapped Child. Enid Blyton’s Adventure Magazine began publication in September 1985 and, on 14 October 1992, the BBC began publishing Noddy Magazine and released the Noddy CD-Rom in October 1996.

How did Thomas Blyton inspire Enid’s interest in nature?

Thomas Blyton ignited Enid’s interest in nature; in her autobiography she wrote that he “loved flowers and birds and wild animals, and knew more about them than anyone I had ever met”. He also passed on his interest in gardening, art, music, literature and the theatre, and the pair often went on nature walks,…

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