Does Libby like Hurley?

Does Libby like Hurley?

Libby was in the mental institution, as a result of depression following her husband’s death (and meeting Desmond), and took a liking to Hurley because she thought he was talking to her husband “Dave” in the afterlife.

Who killed Libby on Lost?

Libby was killed after Michael shot Ana Lucia. Her death was seen as an accident.

Why was Libby killed off in Lost?

Libby is one of the few main characters not to have a centric episode detailing her life before the crash. The writers said a reason for killing the character was so they could explore her backstory in a mysterious and posthumous way.

Why was Hurley in a psych ward?

During his father’s absence, Hurley developed an eating disorder, and later a traumatic accident landed him in a mental asylum where he started seeing an imaginary person. He was overly-conscious about his sanity and weight afterwards.

Is Hurley crazy in Lost?

Hurley suffers from some form of delusional schizophrenia. He sees people, but he doesn’t imagine events.

Why was Cynthia Watros fired from Lost?

Actors Cynthia Watros and Michelle Rodriguez’ Lost characters are to be killed off after being charged with drunk driving on Hawaii where the series is being filmed. According to Contactmusic, Rodriguez, who has started serving a five-day jail term, and Watros were arrested separately as they left a set party.

How did Hurley stay fat?

The most obvious answer is that Hugo and the other LOST crash victims were dead the whole time, so naturally he wouldn’t have lost any weight.

What mental illness does Hurley have?

Hurley has Multiple Personality Disorder, also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Why is Hurley called Hurley?

The name “Hurley” could be a way devised by Hurley in which his name “Hugo Reyes” is shortened to just “Hurley” as a sort of time saving exercise when introducing himself to people.

Do Libby and Hurley kiss in the island?

After Dave jumped and disappeared into the ocean with a large splash, Hurley prepared to follow suit, but Libby, who had followed him, stopped him before he followed Dave’s example. Libby assured Hurley that everything on the Island was really happening, and the two kiss.

How does Libby die in the book?

Libby finally died with Hurley at her bedside holding her hand and tearfully apologizing for forgetting the blankets. (“?”) Hurley dug Libby’s grave with Kate digging Ana Lucia ‘s.

How does Libby find Hurley in the alternate timeline?

Libby is in the mental institution in the alternate timeline. One day, she sees a Mr. Cluck’s commercial with Hurley in it, and memories of her past life on the Island come flooding back to her. Later, at a Mexican restaurant, Libby sees Hurley and tells him she thinks they may be connected and be soul mates.

Do Ben and Hurley kiss in Oceanic 815?

They kiss and Hurley also remembers his life on the Island, and assures Libby she isn’t crazy. In the final scene outside of a church where the survivors of Oceanic 815 meet, Hurley has a brief exchange with Ben. In the exchange Hurley tells Benjamin that he was a “real good number two,” while Benjamin replies that Hurley was a great number one.

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