How do you write a reference page in Chicago style?

How do you write a reference page in Chicago style?

The following rules should be adhered to:

  1. Start Reference list on new page.
  2. Type the word References at the top, centered on line.
  3. Set first line of the reference at left margin, indent all lines underneath in hanging indentation format.
  4. Alphabetize by the author’s last name (surname)

What is a reference list Chicago style?

All documents cited in your assignment must be listed in a single alphabetical list at the end of the assignment. • The list is arranged alphabetically by the author’s surname, or title if no author is given. • The authors’ names are given as they appear on the publication you have used.

How do I order references Chicago?

The usual arrangement for a reference list in Chicago style is a single sequence in alphabetical order by author, with the author’s surname preceding the initials or given name.

How do you reference Chicago style?

How do you parenthetically cite in Chicago style? Cite it only in the parenthetical reference in the text. Include only the title of the encyclopedia,the edition (unless it is the first), the title of the article, andthe author (if there is one).

How to reference Chicago style?

In-text citations. Chicago uses a footnote citation system.

  • Reference list. The reference list at the end of the document includes the full details of each source so the reader can find them themselves.
  • Useful resources. A very in-depth guide to Chicago referencing and other style features.
  • What is a Chicago style reference?

    Chicago/Turabian Style: This is generally used by Business, History and the Fine Arts. The new citation guides are just one of many featured resources that the Word Counter hopes to continue to

    How do you cite a source in Chicago style?

    How do you cite a source within a source Chicago style? Chicago style has two possible style formats: author-‐‑date and note. Include the original author and date in the sentence, and then cite the source for that quote in parentheses, including author, date, and page number: (as cited in Beaujot 2000, 110).

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