How much does Bella love Edward?

How much does Bella love Edward?

She loved Edward and her child more than anything else in the world, and who knows, if she had a child with Jacob and she almost died, like with Edward’s child, who would have been there to save her, to bite her, to capture her beauty and Heath in one frame. But most of all, who would have been there to save her life.

Is Bella Edwards first kiss?

The first kiss comes after the pair spends the afternoon in the meadow, Bella noticing how Edward’s skin sparkles in the sunlight. At one point, Bella leans in too close and he jumps up and runs to the edge of the clearing – finding it hard to stave off his animal instinct to kill her, despite deeply loving her.

What are some of the most romantic twilight quotes?

This is one of the most romantic Twilight quotes that shows just how much Bella and Edward love one another. Bella says this quote to Edward, and he replies by saying, “ There’s one exception.” They both feel like they’ve found their soulmate and that they love one another on a deep, abiding level.

Who does Bella love the most in the Twilight series?

Family takes center stage many times in the series as a result of the Cullen coven, and Bella quickly loves Edwards’ family. Many of his family members also love Bella and accept her right away. Alice might be subject of a lot of internet memes now, but she loves and accepts Bella as family before they even meet.

What is the significance of the line in the book Twilight?

The line is a note that Edward leaves for Bella. Considering how much time the two spend around one another once they’ve worked out their issues from New Moon, it’s a wonder either of them even needs to leave each other notes at all.

How old is Bella when she meets Edward in Twilight?

While Bella might only be 17 when she meets Edward, Edward is much, much older. He’s over 100 years old when he finally meets his soulmate. So, for Edward, he’s had a lot of time to wait and wonder if he’d ever really fall in love with someone.

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