How much does it cost to go scuba diving in the Florida Keys?

How much does it cost to go scuba diving in the Florida Keys?

If you go on a deep dive with Open Water Diver certification, and you do not have proof of two dives deeper than 80 feet in the past six months, a guide is required, too….Guide Requirements and Policies.

Guide Type Price per Person Book Now
1 Diver $60 Book Now!
2+ Divers $30 Book Now!
Private Guide $100 Book Now!

Do you need a wetsuit to dive in the Keys?

most dive operators, especially those in Key Largo, will have wetsuits available. You generally will need one if the water temps are below 80 degrees for an hour-long dive.

How long does it take to get scuba certified in Florida?

The course takes 6 partial days and includes Theory, Pool and 4 open water dives. It is normally completed over 2 weekends.

What is the ocean temperature in Key West Florida?

Water temperature in Key West today is 78.1°F.

What is the Florida Keys dive center?

The Florida Keys Dive Center (FLKDC) is a full service PADI scuba diving center in the Florida Keys, offering daily guided scuba diving trips, scuba instruction, spear fishing and private dive charters.

Can You scuba dive in Key West?

It witnesses tourists all year long and is well known for its laid-back islands, majestic sunset sightseeing, rich history, and yes, of course, for scuba diving. For scuba divers and snorkelers, Sand key islet, situated at a distance of about seven miles in the southwest direction of Key West, is well known for its calm waters.

What to do in the upper keys for beginners?

This statue was donated to the Pennekamp park by Egidio Cressi, who is known as a legend in the scuba diving history and had set some scuba diving records. In the upper keys, molasses reef is one such popular thing that you can explore as a beginner. These reefs are also known as the crown and heart of Key Largo.

When is the best time to dive in Florida Keys?

In November to mid-December and late April to early June, both the temperature and weather is very soothing in the Florida Keys. The sun is not that blazing during that time and not too crowded as well. Make sure that you enquire about the weather before going out for a dive.

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