Is Bach 7C a good mouthpiece?

Is Bach 7C a good mouthpiece?

The Bach 7C Trumpet Mouthpiece is the most widely used model in the world. Its brilliant tone is preferred by both students and professionals. In addition to its medium cup, this model has a #10 backbore that produces a rich, full, clear tone.

What does the C mean in mouthpieces?

Cup size
Cup size: This refers to the profile of the cup. In Bach mouthpieces, the cup design is referred to by a letter (eg C). The cup depth is designated by a number (eg 7). A larger number will give a “shallower” cup, and a smaller rim diameter. A 1½C will be deeper than 7C and have a larger inner rim diameter.

How big is a 7C trumpet mouthpiece?

Bach’s 7C Trumpet Mouthpiece is no exception, sporting a medium-depth cup with a 16.20mm diameter and a medium-wide rim shape that’s slightly sharp on the inside with well-rounded edges.

What is a 7C trumpet mouthpiece good for?

The Bach 7C produces a brilliant, clear tone capable of floating above or cutting through the sound of any ensemble. A favorite of advanced players with a fine-tuned embouchure, the 7C is also a popular choice for students in need of a mouthpiece with a smaller diameter.

Will a trumpet mouthpiece fit a cornet?

For example a cornet mouthpiece will not fit in a trumpet / a trumpet mouthpiece will not fit in a cornet / medium and medium large trombones require small shank mouthpieces while large bore trombones will use large shank mouthpieces!

What is the difference between a 7C and 5c trumpet mouthpiece?

In terms of size, and if we’re talking about Bach mouthpieces here, the 3c is the largest diameter, followed by the smaller 5c, then the 7c being the smallest. If they were manufactured consistently, they should all have the same cup volume.

What does 7C mouthpiece mean?

This refers to the diameter of the cup. The other important dimension in a mouthpiece is the depth of the cup. In Bach pieces that goes from A (very deep) to F (very shallow). So a 7C is a medium size mouthpiece in both diameter and depth and is often given to beginners.

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