What are the specs of a pool table?

What are the specs of a pool table?

Standard size pool tables, along with the playing surface dimensions (measured between the noses of the cushions) are:

  • 12-ft (snooker): 140″ (356.9 cm) x 70″ (177.8 cm)
  • 10-ft (oversized): 112″ (284.5 cm) x 56″ (142.2 cm)
  • 9-ft (standard regulation size table): 100″ (254 cm) x 50″ (127 cm)

What size pool table is used in tournaments?

Tournament 9ft – (Playfield: 50″ X 100″) This is the full size the game of Billiards was invented on. It is still used in professional tournaments today. Legacy’s current lineup includes both 7 foot and 8 foot pool tables.

What size is a professional pool table?

Generally speaking, eight-foot tables are considered ‘professional’ size, whereas seven-foot tables are considered ‘bar’ size. If you have the space, we recommend the larger size, it generally provides a better playing experience. However, a seven-foot table can be a great addition to a smaller room.

How much playing space do you need for a pool table?

At the minimum, there should be 5 feet of clear space around the table. This space is enough for comfortably placing and stroking the cue. Therefore, the ideal space for your pool table should be at least 10 feet added on top of the table’s dimensions.

How do you measure the size of a pool table?

How Pool Tables are Measured. Pool tables are not measured from one edge of the table to another. Instead, they are measured from the inside of the playing area, that being from one tip of the rail cushion to the opposite tip.

What are the measurements of a 7-foot pool table?

A standard 7′ Pool Table has an overall size of 93” x 54” | 236 x 137 cm and a height of 32” | 81.3 cm. A clearance space of at least 11’3” x 14’6” | 3.42 x 4.42 m should be provided for a 7′ Billiards | Pool Table.

What size is a competition snooker table?

The playing area of a tournament snooker table, as standardized by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) and the amateur International Billiards and Snooker Federation (IBSF), measures 11 feet 8.5 inches by 5 ft 10 in (3569 mm by 1778 mm) with a tolerance of ± 0.5 in (13 mm), though commonly …

What is the height of a tournament pool table?

Here are some examples: The table bed height must be between 29.25 inches and 31 inches. The slates that form the smooth table top must be at least an inch thick. The rail width must be between 4 inches and 7.5 inches including the rubber cushions.

What is the height of a pool table?

between 29 and quarter inches to 31 inches
The World Pool-Billiard Association state that a Pool table should have a maximum height of between 29 and quarter inches to 31 inches.

What size pool table do you need to play a tournament?

We could even say people learn to play pool with the hopes of one day being part of a tournament. A standard tournament table is either an 8-foot table that measures 92 inches 46 x inches. The 9 foot is also a professional standard tournament table coming in at 100 inches x 50 inches.

What are the dimensions of a 9ft pool table?

Pool Table Dimensions and Specifications. For a 9-ft table, the playing surface (the dimensions between the noses of the cushions) measures 100 inches (254 cm) by 50 inches (127 cm) with a 1⁄8-inch (3.2 mm) margin of error for either dimension.

What is a home 8 pool table?

These pool tables are known as home 8 pool tables. The name says it all, of course, it is mainly found in most home game rooms. An 8-foot size pool table can also add some character to any boring backyard or porch. Playing pool tournaments is something most if not all players look forward to.

What is a regulatory size pool table?

The word regulation means a rule made or put in place and kept by a certain authority. In this case, the WPA (World Pool/Billiards Association) set the table sizes known as the regulation sizes. The 8ft pool table is the regulatory size pool table.

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