What happens at end of Under the Dome?

What happens at end of Under the Dome?

In the finale (and SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched), Barbie seemingly caused the Queen to plummet to her death, after Joe (Colin Ford) sacrificed himself to bring the Dome down. At that point, the government came rushing in, determined to sweep the whole aliens-among-us thing under the, er, rug.

Does Under the Dome have a good ending?

“I’m very happy with this ending. I feel very satisfied,” Baer tells TVLine. “We made it so there could be another [season]… but it wasn’t necessary.” Thursday’s series finale found the dome around Chester’s Mill finally coming down, though it wasn’t exactly a celebratory time for the residents.

Who is responsible for the dome in Under the Dome?

7 Who started 3 to the dome? 8 Who is responsible for the dome in under the dome? 9 Who killed Angie McAlister under the dome? 10 Who was the queen in under the dome?…Who was the queen in under the dome?

Dawn Sinclair-Barbara
Appeared in 3 episodes, (see below)
Portrayed by Kylie Bunbury

Do they ever get out from Under the Dome?

We’ll never find out, but the finale wasn’t without its closure. The dome did indeed come down as promised, plenty of people were killed in the process, and all it took was the will of a day-old adult and the consternation of Big Jim.

Who is Christine price?

Christine Price (née Haskett; born 30 November 1952) is a former British middle- and long-distance runner, who represented Scotland. At the 1970 British Commonwealth Games she placed eighth in the 1500 metres and at the 1986 Commonwealth Games tenth in the 10,000 metres.

Why didnt they dig under the dome?

From the Simpsons Wiki: It is unknown why the residents of Springfield didn’t dig a hole under the dome. A possibility is that the Springfield residents weren’t thinking clearly, and just tried to break out of it, rather than digging a hole, or there was a lack of shovels.


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