What Heels do Rockettes wear?

What Heels do Rockettes wear?

Did you know that the Rockettes wear Custom LaDuca Shoes for 7 of the 8 numbers in the New York Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall?

What dance shoes do the Rockettes wear?

Alissa: We do have a couple of different brands—Capezio and LaDuca. “Soldiers” are the Capezio taps, and our Santa shoes are split-sole jazz shoes, but we put these spats on them to look like Santa boots. Our “Ragdolls” are Capezios as well [pictured above].

Are Laducas true to size?

The boots run larger than our soft sole shoes. We suggest going down a half to a full size smaller. Similar to all other styles of shoes they will break in and form to your foot in the width, but never in the length. Do you ship internationally?

Who is Phil LaDuca?

Teacher Bio LaDuca is the most recognied name in dance shoes, but before the shoes there was Phil LaDuca, the performer. Phil went from classical Ballet and Contemporary dance, on to Broadway as a song and dance man, to ‘hoofing’ with the biggest stars onstage and on the big screen.

How long does a Rockette last?

90 minutes
How long is the Radio City Christmas Spectacular Starring the Rockettes in 2021? The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular is 90 minutes long, and is performed without an intermission.

How do I break in my Laducas?


  1. Wear them around the house to slowly get the shoes to mold to your feet.
  2. Unbuckle the elastics after every use.
  3. Use a suede brush on the soles to keep them fresh.
  4. Wipe any sweat with a gentle cloth and let your shoes air dry.

How Old Is Phil LaDuca?

LaDuca, 46, who started out as a dancer, attributes his transition to shoe designer to a slipped disk, a leap of faith and the investment of $40,000, his life’s savings from dancing.

Who made Laducas?

The LaDuca company was founded by choreographer and dancer Phil LaDuca. LaDuca dancing shoes are made in Italy.

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