What is it like to work for BioWare?

What is it like to work for BioWare?

Productive and fun workplace with lots of nerd furnishings. Bioware created a fun yet competitive atmosphere among the testers themselves. Between the full time employees and the tester groups, we maintained a casual but productive air that led to an extremely smooth and relatively bug-free expansion release.

Is BioWare a good place to work?

Excellent place to work Very unique company to work for, awesome people and many cool perks. Great facilities and some of the smartest and most creative people I have ever met.

Who owns BioWare?

Electronic Arts
Elevation Partners
BioWare/Parent organizations

What is BioWare Austin?

BioWare Austin finds new and exciting ways to bring players together. BioWare Austin, established in 2006, is the award-winning developer of the popular online RPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and multi-year winner of the Austin Chronicle’s award for Best Video Game Developer in Austin.

What is it like to work at BioWare?

At BioWare, the talent coming straight from campus is the talent that will design the next epic MMO battle, broker the next strategic partnership, and create the digital marketing campaigns that will reach the next generation of gamers. A new graduate’s passion, eagerness to learn, and hunger to challenge the status quo drives our company forward.

What amenities does the BioWare campus include?

The campus amenities include a full fitness center, café (with Starbucks!), soccer, baseball, and basketball courts, and a shaded fitness trail. In our building, you’ll find a space designed to inspire creativity, featuring a clean, modern design and jaw-dropping artwork from our BioWare franchises.

Why invest in Austin Texas?

Austin boasts a diverse labor force in its young, growing and talented population. It’s known as one of the most educated cities in the nation; over 100,000 students are enrolled at University of Texas Austin and six other Austin colleges and universities.

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