What is the example of situation?

What is the example of situation?

Situation is the way something is positioned as compared to its surroundings, or the status of the circumstances, or the combination of circumstances at a specific point in time. An example of situation is a house down the street from a big tree. An example of situation is having to decide between two jobs.

What specific things mean?

having a special application, bearing, or reference; specifying, explicit, or definite: to state one’s specific purpose. specified, precise, or particular: a specific sum of money. peculiar or proper to somebody or something, as qualities, characteristics, effects, etc.: His specific problems got him into trouble.

What is the real meaning of situation?

1 : the way in which something is placed in relation to its surroundings. 2 : the total set of physical, social, and psychocultural factors that act upon an individual in orienting and conditioning his or her behavior. 3 : relative position or combination of circumstances at a particular moment.

What are the examples of specific statement?

Specific statements can be used to expand upon general statements. They will modify the broad sentence. Statistics, logical reasons, examples, and expert testimonies are all examples of specific statements. An example is: Almost half of all phone calls received are robocalls.

What is a specific topic?

1 explicit, particular, or definite.

What is a situational example?

The definition of situational is a person or thing in regards to surroundings or circumstances. An example of situational is how a person reacts in different environments; called situational reactions.

What is ideal situation?

Your ideal situation is the best thing that could happen to you as a person. You will need some financial stability in that situation, but not at any price. You will need to do what you like most, to devote yourself to what you are passionate about.

What does situation mean in text?

(sɪtʃueɪʃən ) Word forms: situations. countable noun. You use situation to refer generally to what is happening in a particular place at a particular time, or to refer to what is happening to you.

What word is situation?

noun. manner of being situated; location or position with reference to environment: The situation of the house allowed for a beautiful view. a place or locality. condition; case; plight: He is in a desperate situation.

What is general and specific example?

A general idea depicts a larger area than a specific idea does. For example, “animal” would be general, “dog” would be half-way between general and specific, “collie” would be more specific than “dog,” and “Lassie” would be very specific.

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