Where should I stay at the end of the West Highland Way?

Where should I stay at the end of the West Highland Way?

Accommodation on the West Highland Way

  • Glencoe Independent Hostel. Glencoe Independent Hostel, Glencoe, Argyll, PH49 4HX.
  • Euro Hostel Glasgow. 318 Clyde Street, Glasgow, G1 4NR.
  • Kingshouse Bunkhouse. Glencoe, Argyll, PH49 4HY.
  • Chase the Wild Goose Hostel.
  • By the Way Hostel and Campsite.
  • Fort William Backpackers.
  • Smiddy Bunkhouse.

What is the best section of the West Highland Way?

The best part is the north section after Bridge of Orchy to Fort William, especially Glencoe and Devils Staircase. To walk Bridge of Orchy to Fort William takes 16 – 21 hours depending on speed.

Can you do the West Highland Way without camping?

Not into camping or carrying your pack? West Highland Way baggage transfer is available and the hotels and hostels are accustomed to this. Companies meet you at your starting point to collect your luggage then drop it off at your accommodation each day.

How many days does it take to walk the West Highland Way?

6-8 days
The West Highland Way is generally completed over 6-8 days: depending on fitness levels, time available, and accommodation vacancies. There are a couple of options open to you if you only have 1-2 days and want to do a part of the West Highland Way.

Can you camp anywhere along the West Highland Way?

There are many campsites on the West Highland Way, and several of hotels and pubs also allow camping, such as the remote Kings House Hotel. You can find a list of campsites on the official West Highland Way website. You can wild camp on most of the route as long as you follow the Scottish Outdoors Access Code.

Are there toilets on the West Highland Way?

Also there are public toilets or toilets in pubs (always buy a snack or drink if using a pub toilet, many sell chocolate bars or canned drinks you can have later on) all along the route.

Can you walk the West Highland Way in 4 days?

What always makes it tricky to do it over 4 days (with accommodation) is the fact that the only thing between Kingshouse and Fort William is Kinlochleven. The WHW is generally pretty easy going, but the only stretch I would always advise people not to underestimate is between Balmaha and Inverarnan.

Can you walk the West Highland Way in 5 days?

Walking the West Highland Way can take as little or as long as you would like – make it your own Way! Below is a selection of suggested itineraries ranging from 5 to 7 days stopping at the main settlements along the West Highland Way.

Can you do the West Highland Way in 3 days?

In conclusion; the West Highland Way is definitely manageable in three days but it’s hard going. Next time I would do in three days again but my overnight stops would be Inversnaid Bunkhouse, Inveroran Hotel and then Fort William. Or you could be sensible and do it in 5 days!

Is walking the West Highland Way difficult?

The West Highland Way hike is a moderate to difficult trail. It starts out with fairly easy, flat sections and becomes more difficult as you journey into the Highlands. The total elevation isn’t very high so you don’t have to be an experienced mountaineer or climber to successfully do the trail.

What is the best time of year to walk the West Highland Way?

When to walk Its location and the high ground means that the West Highland Way is best walked between April and October. Before that you can expect snow and very difficult conditions. Late spring is an especially good time to walk if you want to avoid the dreaded midges who reside in the area.

Where is balamaha on the West Highland Way?

Balamaha is a beautiful village on the eastern shore of Loch Lomond. You will find this scenic spot at the descent of Conic Hill after the first day of the West Highland Way hike. The Oak Tree Inn is a favourite for food and the well-deserved pint at the end of day one.

Where can I Stay on the West Highland Way?

Don’t miss our West Highland Way Cheat Sheet. Jump to. West Highland Way Accommodation List. Milngavie Accommodation. Day 2: Inverarnan Hotels. Camping Tyndrum. Hostels in Tyndrum. Day 3: Bridge of Orchy.

Where do whwers stay in Balmaha?

Many WHWers start their adventure from Glasgow, taking the train from the city. However, some prefer to get a good night’s sleep in Milngavie and set off early to ensure that they arrive in Balmaha to see the beauty that is Conic Hill. Milngavie has an affordable Premier Inn budget hotel.

What is the West Highland Way in Scotland?

Scotland’s West Highland Way is a 96-mile trek which starts in sunny Milngavie, just outside of Glasgow and concludes in Fort William. I had the pleasure of hiking it over six-days with friends to celebrate a year of 30th birthdays. The full story starts here.

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