Who ends up with Taichi in Chihayafuru?

Who ends up with Taichi in Chihayafuru?

Chihayafuru 3×23 – Taichi confesses his love to Chihaya Finally Taichi confess to Chiahaya.

Is there romance in Chihayafuru?

Since Chihayafuru isn’t really a romance story the cute, fluffy dynamic between Chihaya and Arata and their love for Karuta together seem to fit the overall vibe of the story. So looking in the community and seeing fans’ prediction for the endgame romance has been really funny to see.

Who married Taichi Blue Flag?

Sometime in the future, it is revealed that Taichi and Futaba break up two years after completing high school due to various reasons causing them to grow apart. He eventually marries Touma and Touma takes his surname, Ichinose.

Who is Taichi with at the end of Blue Flag?

Touma and Taichi: The two have gotten together and married, with Touma now going by Touma Ichinose.

Does Taichi have a girlfriend?

In the beginning of the series, Taichi had a girlfriend named Kasumi (香澄) (as revealed in the Light Novel 4) whom he had met her during Junior High School while he had been struggling to keep his passion for Karuta after several set-backs and she called him ‘Ta-kun’, but he has feelings for Chihaya Ayase despite this relationship. In Episode 1,

Is Taichi in love with Chihaya?

Chihaya is Taichi’s childhood friend who has feelings for her as he tells himself he is in love with her and the started the Mizusawa karuta club together. In the past, it was shown that Taichi had feelings for Chihaya during grade school by often teasing her and getting jealous whenever she was with Arata.

Are Taichi and Chihaya friends with Arata?

Since then, Taichi, Chihaya, and Arata became good friends and referred to each other by their first names, signifying they are very close friends. They even joined a Competitive Karuta Society with their teacher being Harada-sensei and participated in a group competition.

Is Taichi a Good karuta player?

Notably, when he managed to get to final of his very first Class-A official tournament beating Sudou in the top 8 and Murao in the top 4. He lost to Chihaya in final match but all that witness the match admit that both Chihaya and Taichi are both had proven to be great karuta players.

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