5 Advantages of Using Square Business Cards

5 Advantages of Using Square Business Cards

Business cards have been used since the 17th century. Originally, business cards were used in homes for personal use. Eventually, business cards were seen by retailers as a way to enhance their trading services.

Businesses have continued to evolve, and many business owners want their advertising to appear sleek and professional, while still grabbing the attention of future customers. Today, business cards come in all shapes and sizes. Square business cards have started to make way into the business world, and unsurprisingly, they have received mixed reviews. While some may be quick to point on cons to a square business card, others have found many benefits to a card of this shape. Listed below are some of the advantages to square business cards.

Sleeker Content Design

A standard business card may run from 2×2 inches on. At first glance, this may look like a disadvantage because there is less room for content about the company. Less space on the card forces the designer to be more creative and concise with the card’s message about the business. If a potential customer sees that the card is captivating, they may google the name of the company to find out more information. Googling the name of the company, and visiting the company’s website, will lead to more traffic to the page. This may ultimately result in more sales.

Purpose of the Card

As a business owner, it is important to remember the main purpose of the business card. The main purpose of the card is to draw the customer’s attention back to the business for a future purchase, order, etc. Sometimes, the business card can be thought of as a representation of the business’s place in society. This is why the purpose of the card must remain at the forefront of the design and creative process. Business owners should also be aware of the way their cards may make someone feel.

Card Visuals

Today, especially in the design world, less is more. A smaller card may contain fewer visual images and pictures. This can ensure that the potential client is not overwhelmed by the amount of visual imagery on the card. “Keeping it simple” is coming back into style.

Unexpected for Clients

Clients are used to being handed the same, standard, business card. A square business card may be the first thing that sets your organization apart from the others. A square business card design is unique enough that it has not been seen often but safe enough that it will not seem too risky or “out there” to a future client.

The Shape Psychology of a Square

There are many shapes that business owners can choose to make their cards. A square shape can provide a balanced and symmetrical feel. This is important when gaining trust and confidence from a client. Humans tend to find harmony and peace when things are symmetrical and balanced. Squares have also been known to carry attributes such as security, power, and expertise.

Last Ideas

These are just some of the advantages of a square business card. There are many positives that a square business card can have for your business today.

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