Are court records public in Arkansas?

Are court records public in Arkansas?

Arkansas’ court records are public, but they are only public to residents of the state. People who reside outside of Arkansas cannot access the state’s court records. Many of the courts in state provide court case information online through the Arkansas Administrative Office of the Courts.

How do I look up court cases in Oklahoma?

Anyone can look up court cases on the Oklahoma State Courts Network (OSCN). This portal provides access to court case records of courts in Oklahoma.

How do I look up court cases in Texas?

Typically, most Texas court cases can be accessed by contacting the office of the record custodian in the court where the case was filed. Contact details for Texas courts can be obtained via this directory. Several Texas courts also provide members of the public with online access to court records and information.

How do I find a will in Arkansas?

You can obtain copies of the original records by contacting the clerk’s office in the appropriate county courthouse. A statewide index to Arkansas wills is available: Stevenson, Mrs. James H.

Is Craighead County Arkansas a dry county?

Craighead County is technically a dry county; dry meaning no alcohol sales. Prohibition in the United States ended with the passing of the 21st amendment in 1933. Prohibition began in Craighead County in 1944 when the county was voted dry.

Who is the Craighead County Judge?

Marvin Day
Marvin Day, Craighead County Judge The County Judge is the Chief Executive Officer for Craighead County government in Arkansas.

How do I look up a will in Arkansas?

How do I look up someone’s charges in Oklahoma?

A name-based online search on the Criminal History Information Request Portal (CHIRP) is the fastest way to look up criminal records. First, interested persons must create a CHIRP account and wait for the approval. Upon approval, the requester may look up criminal records for $15.00 per person.

How many district courts are there in Craighead County?

Craighead County has dual county seats established by law: the western district and the eastern district. There are two Circuit Courts and two District Courts located in Craighead County. These are:

How to find court records in Craighead County Arkansas?

Court records for Craighead County are available online via the Public Court Connect portal of the Arkansas State Judicial website. Anyone can search for court records for Craighead County using the available search options. Craighead County court records can also be obtained by contacting the Clerk of the Court with custody over the records.

What is Craighead County known for?

Established in 1859 among the rolling hills of Crowley’s Ridge, Craighead County is home to Arkansas State University and is a regional center for manufacturing, agriculture, medicine, education, and trade. I am confident that you will find our county to be friendly and our people are just great. Cordially, Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401

Who is Craighead County Judge Marvin?

Marvin has lived in Jonesboro, AR most of his life. He is a fifth-generation resident of Craighead County. As newly-elected Craighead County Judge Marvin was sworn in on January 1, 2019. 1992 Graduate of University of Arkansas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

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