Can I go to college with a high school equivalency certificate?

Can I go to college with a high school equivalency certificate?

Students who earn an HSED or GED may choose to attend community college for a year or two and then transfer to a four-year college. Read our complete guide to transferring colleges to learn more about this process.

Is the HiSET exam hard?

The HiSET and GED exams are for adults who were not in the position to complete their regular high school curriculum. Both the HiSET and the GED are pretty challenging exams. The passing standards are at such a level that some forty percent of high school grads would not be able to pass the tests on the first attempt!

How much is the HiSET exam?

In California, the HiSET test fee is $12 . 75 per computer-based subtest and $17 per paper-based subtest.

What happens after you pass the HiSET?

Scores are automatically sent to your state. After you pass the exam, you will receive your high school equivalency (HSE) credential. To find out more about how and when you will receive your credential, see Request Your Transcript or Diploma.

What is a GED called now?

Test Assessing Secondary Completion

What does my HiSET score mean?

Your HiSET ® scores can be a useful tool when you’re selecting college courses and deciding on your major. If you score at least 15 out of 20 on any of your subtests, it means you’ve demonstrated college and career readiness. If you don’t score at least a 15, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to college.

Can you go to college with a high school equivalency diploma?

A high school equivalency diploma can be used in the same way as a high school diploma to apply to college or to put on a resume for a job that requires a high school education.

What are the 5 HiSET tests?

The High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) is a new way for people who didn’t finish high school to earn a diploma and get on track for college or a career. Test takers can choose to take the exam using a computer, or with pencil and paper. The exam has five parts: Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and Writing.

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