Does Flight Club verify shoes?

Does Flight Club verify shoes?

We’re a ship-to-verify and consignment marketplace, meaning we source products from independent sellers who use our platform to sell shoes.

How long is Flight Club shipping?

7 to 9 business days
Processing speeds vary. For US customers, “Lowest Price” orders typically take 7 to 9 business days (Monday-Friday) to reach you, since shoes may be shipped to us for authentication and verification first if they are not pre-verified.

Is Flight Club in USD?

Default prices are in U.S. dollars. Prices listed on the Site do not include sales tax or shipping charges.

How much does Flight Club make a year?

The combined entity does more than $300 million in gross annual sales, though each business has its own model and different economics.

Is Flight Club good to sell on?

Selling with Flight Club is the easiest way to move your new and lightly worn sneakers. With our network of retail stores in New York, Los Angeles and Miami, in addition to a premier online experience, Flight Club offers the best liquidity and sell-through in the game, at the most competitive prices available anywhere.

Where is flight club in New York?

Flight Club has two locations in New York, this one is known as “SoHo”, and is located at 267 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012.

Is flight club a sneaker store?

Carrying every brand name on the market, Flight Club has evolved from a one-stop sneaker destination to a cultural hub for sneaker enthusiasts and novices alike. With two brick-and-mortar locations housed in New York and Los Angeles, Flight Club remains the premier source for everything sneakers.

What is the Nike store in Soho?

Nike’s SoHo store is a supercharged sneaker shopping experience. There are five stories of Swoosh products, with a lineup that is changing constantly to ensure only the latest and greatest Nike goods are on display.

Should I consign my shoes to flight club?

STAY AWAY FROM FLIGHT CLUB! 10 years consigning with this place and they’ve never done me wrong. I have no problem consigning my most coveted pairs and collections with them. 1000% recommended I’ve consigned a pair of SUPREME AF1 that’s priced over $1400. A year after consignment and they refuse to tell you they lost your shoes

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