Does Montclair State require letters of recommendation?

Does Montclair State require letters of recommendation?

All applicants, other than non-degree applicants, are required to submit letters of recommendation to The Graduate School. Recommendations from professors in your undergraduate major field of study who are familiar with your academic work are ideal.

How long does it take to hear back from Montclair State University?

Once your application has been received along with all of the supplemental materials, it will generally take two to four weeks for the review process to be completed. However, if additional steps, i.e. an admission interview or audition, are required as part of your application, the process may take longer.

Does Montclair have engineering?

Mechanical Engineering And Physics: A Bachelor’s/Master’s 5-year Program With The Stevens Institute Of Technology – Physics And Astronomy – Montclair State University.

Does Montclair State University require an essay?

Providing an essay is optional. Should you choose to upload an essay, explain your reasons for seeking admission to Montclair State University, including what you believe are your academic strengths and interests.

Is Montclair a d1?

Montclair State University athletics are in the NCAA Division III in the New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC).

What division is Montclair University?

NCAA Division III

How do I apply to Montclair State University?

Freshman Applicants

  1. Online Application. Submit your application online.
  2. Transcript and letter of recommendation. Submit an official high school transcript and letter of recommendation from your counselor.
  3. Personal statement and supporting materials. Complete and upload your Essay/Personal Statement.
  4. Test Scores.

Is Montclair State a suitcase school?

There are about 18,500 students, both graduate and undergraduate. The biggest stereotype about Montclair students that I can think of is that a lot of them either commute or go home on the weekends. This is what people refer to as a “suitcase” school.

Is Montclair State test-optional?

In fall 2015, Montclair State became the first public university in New Jersey to adopt an SAT/ACT test-optional policy. Our test-optional policy ensures, as much as possible, that the students selected for admission are capable of succeeding in our rigorous academic programs. …

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