Does Ralph kill anyone in Lord of the Flies?

Does Ralph kill anyone in Lord of the Flies?

His death, unlike the other two, is deliberate. Roger murder Piggy by dropping a huge boulder on him, crushing both Piggy and the conch. Undoubtedly Ralph would have been the next boy to die if they had not been rescued. Ralph weeps for “end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart” at the end of the novel.

How is Ralph presented in Lord of the Flies essay?

In The Lord of the Flies by William Golding Ralph is a very interesting character. In the novel a group of boys become stranded on a desert island and must fight to survive. Ralph is a compelling character because he is the one who fights to keep civility alive amongst the boys and tries to stop them becoming savages.

How does Golding foreshadow Simon’s death?

The boys begin to accompany the game with a sinister chant “Kill the pig” and turn the whole thing into a wild and savage dance. They eventually get so carried away with all this, that Simon is brutally killed. Therefore the game foreshadows Simon’s death.

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