How can I get 10 avail HDFC discount on Flipkart?

How can I get 10 avail HDFC discount on Flipkart?

Currently, if you are an HDFC user you can get a 5% discount on Flipkart. You can shop and pay via your HDFC Credit Card to get 10% extra cashback when you shop for different products. To get this 10% cash back you need to have a minimum order of Rs. 5,000 and so that you can get a maximum cashback of Rs.

Is HDFC cashback available on Flipkart?

According to the new HDFC bank Flipkart offer in 2022, you are eligible to get 10% extra cashback when you shop for different products from Flipkart Sale….Extra-Ordinary Flipkart HDFC Bank Cards Offer 2022.

Minimum Cart Value Discount on Credit Card Discount on Debit/Credit Card EMI
Rs 18,000 Rs 1250 Rs 1750

How can I use my HDFC reward points on Flipkart?

Go to the CARDS section at the top navigation bar. Click on the ENQUIRE tab on the left sidebar. Under the dropdown that appears, click on redeem reward points.

What is the discount for HDFC credit card on Amazon?

(a) Shop on using your HDFC Bank Debit Card or Credit Card to avail 10% Instant Discount with HDFC Bank Debit Card or Credit Card up to a maximum of Rs. 1,500.

What is 10 instant discount Flipkart?

Under this offer, SBI Debit Card holders (‘Cardholders’) are eligible to get a 10% Instant Discount on all categories during the Term, for purchase made/effected using SBI Debit cards (‘Card’). The offer is not applicable on Net Banking.

How much is 1 HDFC reward point worth?

You can choose to redeem these Reward Points for CashBack credit where 100 Reward points equals to Rs 0.20 or airmiles across major airlines programmes where 1 point equals Rs 0.30.

How can I know my debit card no in EMI HDFC?

Check Eligibility for an HDFC Bank Debit Card EMI Send SMS “DCEMI ” to 56767 from your registered cellphone number to check your HDFC debit card EMI eligibility.

What is HDFC Insta voucher?

What is SmartBuy Instant Vouchers? HDFC Bank SmartBuy Instant Vouchers is a platform for HDFC Bank customers to buy Instant Gift Vouchers of 160+ Brands across categories like Fashion, Accessories, Restaurants, Electronics, Travel, Online, Beauty, Groceries and more.

What is HDFC e voucher?

Gift Voucher Details: HDFC Bank MoneyBack Credit Card Members will get the voucher eligibility E-Mail and SMS on meeting the spends target. Eligible Card Members can claim their choice of voucher online or by sending a SMS from their registered Mobile Number.

Why there is no offer on HDFC Credit Card?

Delinquent and over-limit HDFC credit card members will not qualify for this Offer. 11. HDFC Cardholders are not bound in any way to participate in this Offer. Any participation is voluntary and the Offer is being made purely on a best effort basis.

What is instant discount in Flipkart?

400 per month. From 6-31st every month the customer will get 5% instant discount on products sold on, & mAPP (“Offer”) upto a maximum of Rs. 200 per month. • Offer is also applicable on payments made through EMI on Axis Bank Buzz Credit Cards.

What are the best credit cards offered by HDFC Bank?

– HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card – HDFC Solitaire Credit Card – JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Signature – HDFC Regalia Credit Card – HDFC Diner Club Premium

How can I see offers in my HDFC credit card?

Make timely&regular Payments of dues

  • Use only up to 50% of your Spending Limit on your Credit Card
  • Create Credit history by choosing a different form of credits (Credit card,loans)
  • How to check HDFC pre approved credit card offer?

    Check for Pre-Approved offer Log into internet banking or iMobile App Select the Pre-Approved credit card offers from widget in “My View” page (This offer is visible in

  • Select desired Credit Card Confirm your pre-filled personal details Select desired credit card and fill few details
  • Submit Application
  • What is the financial charge in a HDFC credit card?

    Late Payment Fees of Rs 350

  • Interest on Rs 15,[email protected]% pm[whatever your APR is]from 18th April to 12th May.
  • Interest on Rs 13,[email protected]% pm from 13th May to 15th May
  • Interest on Rs 5,[email protected]% pm from 18th April to 15th May
  • Interest on Rs 3,[email protected]% pm from 16th May to 18th May
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