How do I contact Irish Rail?

How do I contact Irish Rail?

Customer Contact Centre: Tel: (01) 8366 222 / 0818 366222 (or 353 1 8366 222 from outside the Republic of Ireland). Please contact us via our website.

Does Kent have a train station?

Visiting Kent by train The county of Kent has over 100 railway stations with Tonbridge seeing the most passengers in 2017. It’s an important railway junction with lines to London, Ashford, Hastings, and Redhill.

What is the busiest train station in Kent?

Busiest railway stations in Kent

  • Dartford: 4,622,554 passengers / +11%
  • Tonbridge: 4,554,198 passengers / +3.7%
  • Sevenoaks: 4,376,024 passengers / +5.4%
  • Ashford International: 4,102,872 passengers / +5.2%
  • Tunbridge Wells: 3,838,532 passengers / +4.3%

What do blue seats mean on Irish Rail?

if the seat is available to book it will appear as blue on the screen while all others are greyed out and not bookable.

What station is Kent?


Station (and code) Managed by Lines served
Broadstairs (BSR) Southeastern Ashford to Ramsgate (via Canterbury West) Line Chatham Main Line
Canterbury East (CBE) Southeastern Chatham Main Line
Canterbury West (CBW) Southeastern Ashford to Ramsgate (via Canterbury West) Line
Charing (CHG) Southeastern Maidstone East Line

Who runs trains in Kent?

Main railway lines Network Rail High Speed Ltd.

Can you drink on the train Ireland?

Customers may bring their own food and snacks on board, including from retail/food outlets at many of our stations. Alcohol remains prohibited on all services.

Who trains Ireland?

Iarnród Éireann’s
A 29000 Class Commuter train at Tara Street Station, Dublin, in 2006. The LED display is showing “Destination: Pearse Station” in Irish….Iarnród Éireann.

Iarnród Éireann’s current logo since 29 November 2012.
Net income €4.2 million (2019)
Owner CIE (100%)
Number of employees 3,897 (2019)
Parent Córas Iompair Éireann

What is the biggest train station in UK?

London Waterloo
London Waterloo has been named as the country’s busiest train station, with nine of the top 10 all located in the capital….The UK’s top 10 busiest rail stations.

Station Number of entries and exits
London Waterloo 94.2m
London Victoria 74.7m
London Liverpool Street Station 69.5m

What is the biggest railway station in the UK?

List of busiest railway stations in Great Britain

Rank Railway Station Location
1 Stratford London
2 London Victoria London
3 London Bridge London
4 London Waterloo London

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