How do I suggest ideas to Bungie?

How do I suggest ideas to Bungie?

Hey there ReadyTheDemon, You can submit your ideas/feedback through the [url=〈=en]#Feedback[/url] forum right here on, simply head on over there and create a topic.

What is the best clan in Destiny 2?

Enter Apexus Deft, one of Destiny 2’s largest online clans. With over 6,100 members, several “divisions” (as the game caps in-game clans at 100 members), and an automated Discord server, Apexus Deft sets a shining example for what online gaming communities can achieve.

What is a clan motto Destiny 2?

While the Motto is a chance to express what players should expect from you, the Mission Statement is where you spell out what you expect from them. It should answer some critical questions. What behavior is acceptable within the Clan?

How do you make a clan on Bungie net?

Players can create a new Clan in the Destiny Companion which will designate them as the Clan Founder of the newly created Clan.

  1. To create a Clan, players should use the “Create Clan” button on the Clans page.
  2. During the Clan creation process, the Clan Founder can set the Clan Name, Motto, and Mission Statement.

How do you submit art to Bungie?

Log in to using a linked PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, or Steam Account. Visit the Community Creations page and click “Submit a Creation” Enter a url link that leads directly to image or video. Include a Title and Description of the Creation.

How do you get Bungie bounty emblem?

To win the Bungie Bounty emblem, players must meet one of the following win conditions during the time detailed in the Bungie Bounty announcement:

  1. Win the match if placed into the team opposing the target player.
  2. Win the match if placed into an open slot on the target player’s team.

How many Destiny 2 clans are there?

It really is all about community here, with the clan regularly hosting movie nights, playing special events, and running through other Destiny 2 content. There are currently four clans underneath the main group (two on PC and 2 on Xbox).

How big can a Destiny 2 Clan be?

You can create a clan with up to 100 players.

What are the best Clan names?

Good Clan names

  • BladeRunnerzzzz.
  • RightHandMen.
  • VirusLoadGuns.
  • Female Assassins.
  • Oceans99.
  • Warlords and Heroes.
  • Kill Machines.
  • NastyHeadshots.

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