How do you describe a movie scene?

How do you describe a movie scene?


What is a scene description?

Scene description is all about setting the stage. Part of that is sharing the specific times, dates, and locations if necessary. Many screenwriters make the mistake of including that information within the scene heading.

What makes something a palace?

A palace is a grand residence, especially a royal residence, or the home of a head of state or some other high-ranking dignitary, such as a bishop or archbishop. The word is also sometimes used to describe a lavishly ornate building used for public entertainment or exhibitions, such as a movie palace.

Which is the largest palace in the world?

Istana Nurul Iman Palace

What is the oldest palace in the world?

Windsor Castle

What is the most expensive palace in the world?

Antilia, in Mumbai, valued at $1 billion, is the world’s priciest private home, versus Buckingham Palace, which is open to the public. It’s owned by the chairman of Reliance Industries, the richest person in India.

How many soldiers are in a castle?

In short, people tend to focus on the large and powerful castles from Medieval times. A “castle of usual size”, however was much smaller. The total number of people living in it including the Knight’s family and the servants families was perhaps 20-40 people, of whom 8-15 might be men of military age.

Which country has the most castle?


What is the newest country in the world?

South Sudan

What country has a lot of castles?


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