How do you find the image of a line with respect to another line?

How do you find the image of a line with respect to another line?

3 Answers. The General Formula for finding the equation of the line when the line Ax+By=C is reflected at the line Dx+Ey=F. h and k is simply the intersection of the lines although if the two lines are parallel then it h=0,k=0, This is easily derived by the use of perpendicular slopes and midpoint formula.

How do you find the image point?

For finding the image of the point in the same line, we just multiply the rightmost term by 2. The image of the point is at the same distance from the line as the point itself is from the line. So, we have to multiply it by 2.

What is an image point?

Reflection – of a point The given point P is “reflected” in the mirror and appears on the other side of the line an equal distance it. The reflection of the point P over the line is by convention named P’ (pronounced “P prime”) and is called the “image” of point P.

What’s a reflection paragraph?

REFLECTIVE PARAGRAPH A reflection paragraph simply speaks about what your thoughts are on something, rather than a summary or a description of that something itself.

What information is required to describe a reflection?

The Lesson A shape can be reflected. Every point on the shape is reflected in a line of reflection. To describe a reflection, we need to say where the line of reflection is.

What is the image of a segment?

The result of image segmentation is a set of segments that collectively cover the entire image, or a set of contours extracted from the image (see edge detection). Each of the pixels in a region are similar with respect to some characteristic or computed property, such as color, intensity, or texture.

How do you write a reflection algebraically?

To reflect a figure across a line of reflection, reflect each of its vertices. Then connect the vertices to form the image. Each point and its image must be at the same distance from the line of reflection.

How do you write a reflection paragraph?

Critical reflection paper

  1. Describe an experience – provide some details on an object or an event.
  2. Examine the experience – integrate personal and academic contexts.
  3. Provide in-depth analysis of those experiences.
  4. Tell readers what you learned after analysis.
  5. Clarify how analyzed subject will be useful in your future.

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