How do you trade with Marubozu candles?

How do you trade with Marubozu candles?

So when the bullish Marubozu appears, the trader can expect more upside potential. As a result, opening the trade on the next candle — while placing a stop loss just below the swing low — is one way to trade the bullish Marubozu.

What is Marubozu candle indicate?

Marubozu (jp: まるぼうず, 丸坊主, close-cropped head, bald hill) is the name of a Japanese candlesticks formation used in technical analysis to indicate a stock has traded strongly in one direction throughout the session and closed at its high or low price of the day.

What is a Marubozu candlestick pattern?

The Marubozu candlestick pattern is a candlestick pattern that looks like a block, meaning that it does not have any wicks (Marubozu, in Japanese, means “bald head” or “shaved head”). It is a relatively unpopular pattern but one that works relatively well when it is spotted.

What happens after bullish Marubozu?

In case of a bullish marubozu, the low of the stock acts as a stoploss. So after you initiate a buy trade, if the markets move in the opposite direction, you should exit the stock if price breaches the low of the marubozu.

What stocks made Marubozu today?


Sr. Stock Name % Chg
2 PITTIENG 15.12%
3 Ifb Industries Limited 13.22%
4 Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals Limited 9.99%
5 Adani Wilmar Ltd 9.69%

How can you tell if Marubozu is bullish?

The closing Marubozu is a stronger candlestick pattern. It is formed when the close price is equal to the high or the low of the day. When the close price is equal to the low then it is called bearish and when the close is equal to the high it is a bullish Marubozu.

What is black Marubozu candle?

The black marubozu is simply a long black (down, or red on the charts below) candle, with little to no upper or lower shadows. The pattern shows that sellers controlled the trading day from open to close, and is therefore a bearish pattern.

How reliable is Marubozu?

From our research the Marubozu pattern confirms 88.3% of the time on average overall all the 4120 markets we analysed. Historically, this patterns confirmed within 0.6 candles or got invalidated within 4.2 candles.

What is marubozu candlestick pattern?

Marubozu – we told you Above – is a Japanese word that means a bald or shaved head. T his candlestick pattern is known well for its lack of an upper and head shadow. This means that the asset’s price opened at a high and closed at a low point and vice versa.

What is a marubozu pattern?

A marubozu is a single candlestick pattern that can give some insight into market sentiment at a given time. Its appearance basically means that the market traded to the close without any retracement. With a bearish marubozu, it means the price closed at the period low. With a bullish candle the price closes at the period high.

What is a closing marubozu and how to use it?

Like an opening, a closing marubozu can either be bullish or bearish. With the bullish closing, the price closes at the period high. With a daily chart this means that the price closed at the high for the day. For a bearish closing, it means the price closed at the lowest level.

Is the marubozu a bullish or bearish signal?

For a bearish signal it’s the other way around. The open price and the high are the same and the close price and the low are the same. The two variations of the pattern are the opening marubozu and the closing marubozu. Again these can be either bullish or bearish.

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