How do you write a personal statement on Reddit?

How do you write a personal statement on Reddit?

What’s your Best Personal Statement Advice?Start early. Don’t tell, show. Have a goal of what you want to convince your reader of as you write it. Just start writing. Show it to as many people as possible, but don’t listen to everyone’s advice. There’s two ways in which your PS can be great or suck. Pick a few experiences from your life and expand on those.

How long does it take to write a personal statement for med school Reddit?

From planning to complete, how long did it take? You can probably get it 90% done in a few hours of work. The last 10% will take you 90% of the time though if you want to perfect it. About 3 months of going thru multiple drafts before being happy with the final product.

What is a personal statement Reddit?

So what is a personal statement? This is your first opportunity to show a medical school more about yourself– something your GPA, MCAT, or AMCAS activities cannot. This is your chance to say why you want to become a physician.

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