How does big states and small states guard against tyranny?

How does big states and small states guard against tyranny?

The way this small state – large state compromise guards against tyranny is that small states and large states have one representative until a census is taken within three years some sates get more than on representative unlike how tyranny works, there is only on leader or a group of leaders who have the power.

Which is the most important organ of government?

As the executive is usually considered the most important position in government, members of the legislature will coalesce into groups supporting the two dominant executive candidates.

What are the 3 organ of government?

The powers of the government in India are divided horizontally among three organs, i.e. the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.

Which is the third most important organ of the government?

Legislature, Executive and Judiciary are the most important organs of the government .

What are the three organ of the state?

In accordance with the doctrine of separation of powers, the government is divided into three organs: The Executive. The Legislative. The Judiciary.

What are the function of the three main organs of the government?

These organs correspond to the vital and most basic governance functions, namely (and respectively), (i) the conduct of policy and administration; (ii) the making or repealing or amendment of the governing laws; and (iii) the adjudication of conflicts that arise while the laws of the land are being implemented through …

Which organ of the government is required to protect the right of the citizen?

Judiciary safegaurds the fundamental rights of the citizens. If anyone violates our fundamental t=rights we can go directly to the Supreme Court. The Court can use one of the writs against the violater and punish him. The judiciary also ensures the restoration of our rights.

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