Is Baylor test optional?

Is Baylor test optional?

Last spring, Baylor announced that its Fall 2021 admissions cycle would be test-optional to serve the complex and unique needs of high school seniors and their families during this challenging time for them and higher education.

How much does it cost to apply to Baylor?

Baylor University Graduate School charges a $50 application fee that is required. Programs using a professional organization’s common application system (CAS) will have additional costs from the CAS.

Why do I want to attend Baylor?

A person looking for a great sense of community and a strong education should apply to Baylor University. The campus boosts of many social clubs while keeping its academics in high regard. One definitely feels the Christian values on and off campus. Most students that attend Baylor also attend a church in Waco.

Does Baylor require resume?

As an optional checklist item, you may upload a resume to enhance your admissions file. Resumes may include any/all of the following pieces of information: Academic Honors. Extracurricular Activities.

Why is Purdue unique?

Purdue is unique in having the largest mascot of any university. Most people associate Purdue Pete as Purdue’s mascot, but this is a common misconception. Purdue Pete is the mascot of the University Book Store. Purdue’s official mascot is the Boilermaker Special, an 8,000+ pound locomotive designed to traverse campus.

Does Baylor send acceptance letters?

Early Action applicants must complete their application and submit required materials by November 2. They will receive an admission decision by January 15 and, if accepted, have until June 1 to make their final decision.

How long does it take for Baylor to accept you?

2 to 4 weeks

How do I answer a Purdue supplemental essay?

Briefly discuss your reasons for pursuing the major you have selected. (Respond in 100 words or fewer.) Your Purdue essays can (and should) work together. These prompts ask you to define two things: your interests, and specific classes, resources and programs at Purdue that will help you pursue those interests.

What does Baylor look for in a students?

In summary, we are looking for students who can gain the most from a Baylor experience. Students should have a demonstrated interest in becoming a Baylor Bear and be a fit spiritually, academically and financially.

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