Is dormitory available in Chennai Airport?

Is dormitory available in Chennai Airport?

Air Transit Passengers can avail the facilities of Retiring Rooms & Dormitories, with a transit period of maximum 24hrs., on ‘first come first serve basis’. The facility cannot be booked in advance. You can sleep for few hours, rejuvenate, shower before your next departure in comfort.

Is lounge available in Chennai domestic airport?

The Chennai Airport domestic departures has 2 lounges, one being the TFS lounge which everyone might be aware of. Other one is the new lounge, opened in 2017, which is less known to many and so less crowded comparatively.

Can I go out of airport during layover in Chennai?

In addition to restaurants and duty free and regular shopping, the airport has lounges including Maharaja Lounge and Indian Airlines Lounge. If you’re planning on leaving the airport during your Chennai layover and exploring the city, the easiest way is to take a pre-paid taxi from the Arrivals Area.

Is there WIFI in Chennai Airport?

Wi-Fi. There is free Wi-Fi available for 45 minutes at the different terminals. In order to log in, it is needed an Indian Mobile phone number.

Can I wait in Chennai Airport?

The facility can accomodate 500 passengers at a time as it is mandatory for passengers to wait till the Covid test results are out. Facility for registration for RT-PCR and rapid PCR, sample collection and payment are provided at the same level.

Does Chennai airport have a smoking area?

Is there a smoking area once you have gone through security at the airport? There is one, just before the last boarding gate on the left extreme past security on the first floor.

How many airports are there in Chennai?

These include 6 international airports, 15 domestic airports, and 3 customs airports.

Is lounge free in airport?

Lounge visits will be charged on per person per visit basis. Primary cardholder gets two complimentary visits per year to priority pass lounges. The MasterCard Lounge membership provides four complimentary lounge visits per quarter to both domestic and international airports in India.

Is there cloakroom in Chennai airport?

There are different ranges in cloak rooms. In airport Near the Terminal, there is a cloak room its better and less cost. Another Cloak rooms available at the Parking area but cost is high.

Why are the retiring rooms at Chennai airport closed?

Inside Airport Retiring Rooms – According to a January 2019 review, the retiring rooms are closed due to renovations. As of September 2019, it appears the rooms are still closed. Near Airport Radisson Blu Hotel Chennai – (Located less than 1.5 mile from the airport) Airport shuttle is available, free with certain room categories.

Are there any hotels near Chennai Airport?

Airport Hotels. If sleeping in Chennai Airport does not appeal to you, there are hotels near the airport: Inside Airport Retiring Rooms – According to a January 2019 review, the retiring rooms are closed due to renovations. As of September 2019, it appears the rooms are still closed.

Can I sleep in Chennai Airport?

Sleeping in Chennai Airport The airport has reportedly gone quiet, since the formerly mentioned constant public announcements are no longer repeatedly broadcast. Because passengers are not allowed into the departure areas less than three hours before their departing flight, most travellers choose to sleep on the landside.

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