Is Sailor Moon appropriate for 10 year olds?

Is Sailor Moon appropriate for 10 year olds?

“Sailor Moon” (1992) has rating PG-13 – Teens 13 or older, so no, it’s not appropriate for a 10-year-old. You can watch together Studio Ghibli’s anime instead, many of their anime are children-friendly.

Does Netflix Japan have Sailor Moon?

Now the bad news: ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie’ will not be available on Netflix Japan. However, fans in Japan do have access to all three seasons of the Sailor Moon Crystal Series as well as the first three films of the franchise.

How many seasons of Sailor Moon are there in Japan?

5 seasons
There are 5 seasons in all of Sailor Moon (also some movies). Only seasons 1-4 were dubbed into the original English dub. The 5th season was initially released in Japanese with English subtitles. 200 Episodes total, but they were not all released in English together until the later VIZ Media dub.

Is Sailor Moon set in Japan?

Real-Life Locations. Sailor Moon doesn’t take place in any old fictional Japanese city, you can actually go there! The lives of Usagi and her friends take place in Azabujuban, a district of Minato ward Tokyo. Azabujuban is an upscale district of Tokyo known for its trendiness and street shops.

Is Usagi tsukino white?

Sailor Moon is Asian she lives in Japan and she speaks Japanese, and her name is Usagi Tsukino (this is not a white name). However, in the American DIC dub they tired to pull it off as though she was Caucasian (white).

Who are the villains in Sailor Moon?

Something else I will say that I think would be an interesting concept to explore that adds more of a cosmic level to the idea of Ben and Rex being transported to the Sailor Moon universe is a play on the concept of the main cast of the series being reincarnations of past characters like Usagi being the reincarnation of Princess Serenity, y’know.

What episode does Sailor Moon have a child?

Parallel Sailor Moon was a 1999 short story set in an alt Sailor -verse where the Scouts have already grown up and had kids. The protagonist is Kousagi Tsukino, the second child of Usagi and Mamoru. She hangs out with the daughters of the other scouts, but they’re quite mean to her.

When is Sailor Moon season 4 coming out?

Since Sailor Moon Eternal 2 will release in February 2021, Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 could come out in 2022 at the absolute earliest, although there could be another multi-year wait. Let’s just be glad Toei Animation is finishing the entire story.

What is the plot of Sailor Moon?

Of all the transformations that have taken place within the medium of anime, perhaps none are as famous as Sailor Moon’s transformation from Usagi to the protector of the galaxy that leads the

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