Is the first word after a colon capitalized?

Is the first word after a colon capitalized?

Here’s our suggestion: generally, the first word following the colon should be lower-cased if the words after the colon form a dependent clause (that is, if they could not stand on their own as a complete sentence). If the following phrase is a complete (independent) clause, you may choose to capitalize it or not.

Do you capitalize titles in AP style?

Capitalize formal titles that come directly before a name. Lowercase formal titles that appear on their own or follow a name. Never capitalize job descriptions regardless of whether they are before or after a name The Water Quality Control Division Sarah contacted the division.

When should you use a citation?

ALWAYS CITE, in the following cases:

  1. When you quote two or more words verbatim, or even one word if it is used in a way that is unique to the source.
  2. When you introduce facts that you have found in a source.
  3. When you paraphrase or summarize ideas, interpretations, or conclusions that you find in a source.

Do you capitalize after a colon MLA?

According to MLA format, the first letter following a colon should be capitalized if the colon introduces: A rule or principle. Several related sentences.

Why should you include links or citations to others work?

Citations link one study to others, creating a web of knowledge that carries meaning and allows other researchers to identify work as relevant in general and relevant to them in particular. Citing certain sources—and especially citing them often—legitimises ideas, solidifies theories, and establishes claims as facts.

How is a citation different than a link?

The main difference between links and citations is that citations don’t have to include a hyperlink at all. An online article simply mentioning your company’s name can be considered a citation. “A citation is any mention of your business out on the web, with or without a link.

Are citations backlinks?

The thumb rule here is that any website that is linking back to your website regardless of it as a citation website or a blog or anything else will be call as backlink and will be consider as part of your link profile. Will this help with SEO? Here if you are talking about Local SEO, the answer is YES!

When should you include page numbers as part of a citation?

Page numbers are required for in-text citations when quoting, and recommended when paraphrasing:

  1. For in-text citations, the page number always appears in brackets at the end of the sentence where you used the citation.
  2. If the source has no page number, use the paragraph number or section heading instead.

Do you capitalize after a colon Chicago Manual of Style?

Capitalization. It’s fine to capitalize there, although Chicago style is to lowercase after a colon unless what follows consists of two or more complete sentences.

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