Should high quality be hyphenated?

Should high quality be hyphenated?

High quality falls into the category of a compound adjective, so the rule you want to remember is that if the phrase precedes a noun, you will need a hyphen. If it does not precede a noun, you do not need a hyphen, despite its being a compound adjective.

How do you use a hyphen in AP Style?

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  1. Hyphens are joiners.
  2. Use of the hyphen is far from standardized.
  3. COMPOUND MODIFIERS: When a compound modifier — two or more words that express a single concept — precedes a noun, you must decide: Hyphenate that modifier, or not?

Should high performance be hyphenated?

So you’d hyphenate high-performing employee and public-agency exception but not common law doctrine, third party beneficiary, or summary judgment motion.

What does high quality mean?

high quality – the quality of being superior. superiority. caliber, calibre, quality – a degree or grade of excellence or worth; “the quality of students has risen”; “an executive of low caliber” choiceness, fineness – the quality of being very good indeed; “the inn is distinguished by the fineness of its cuisine”

Should first half be hyphenated?

The objections, it appears, are rooted partly in the fact that removing hyphens from “-quarter” creates some inconsistencies with AP’s style on “-half” — inconsistencies even the AP acknowledges. “We agree that, for instance, first-half run should be hyphenated,” they wrote.

How do you spell high quality?

As a compound adjective “high-quality” means “of very good quality” and is written with a hyphen: Consumers are trading up from stores’ own brands to high-quality garments.

Has high quality or of high quality?

High quality is frequently just used like a standard adjective, so you don’t really need of either. The product is not [of] high quality.

Is family friendly hyphenated AP Style?

A: Yes, and it couldn’t be more family-friendly if it tried. Remember to be careful with some “ly” words like “family” or “friendly” that aren’t adverbs, so that means they CAN have a hyphen, like a “family-owned restaurant” or a “friendly-looking puppy”.

Is high intensity hyphenated?

Thus, it’s critical to use hyphens with such compound adjectives to avoid misunderstandings. However, you don’t need a hyphen to combine an adverb and an adjective. For example “highly intense staining” and “high-intensity staining” are both correct, but “highly-intense staining” is not.

What is high quality work?

Quality work refers to work that meets and exceeds client or company expectations. Conducting quality work requires that you use your skills to complete duties with the highest standard.

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