What are the possible solution of poverty in the Philippines?

What are the possible solution of poverty in the Philippines?

Pro-poor policies and changes to health insurance coverage have resulted in increased use of health services. Access to clean water and sanitation and electricity has improved. Social safety nets were expanded to cover most of the poor. All these developments give us hope that poverty can be overcome.

How can we solve the problem of poverty?

9 Ways to Reduce Poverty

  1. Increase employment.
  2. Raise America’s pay.
  3. Sustain not cut the social safety net.
  4. Paid family and sick leave.
  5. End mass incarceration.
  6. Invest in high quality childcare and early ed.
  7. Tackle segregation and concentrated poverty.
  8. Immigration reform.

How can we reduce poverty in our society?

Aid and government support in health, education, and infrastructure helps growth by increasing human and physical capital. Poverty alleviation also involves improving the living conditions of people who are already poor.

What if there was no poverty?

Firstly, people would start to eat. They would start to consume products which they couldn’t afford when they being in poverty. People could now afford lactose products, grains and meat which already have high demand for.

How does the Philippine government deal with poverty?

The Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, a cash transfer program of the Philippine government, enhanced the living conditions of 1.5 million people thereby reducing national poverty by 1.5 percent. The program works towards alleviating poverty by providing financial assistance to 77 percent of poor households.

Why do we study poverty?

Studying poverty is important for a number of reasons. In order to head off future costs to society, it also helps to know what causes people to become poor and what factors keep them poor. For government planning, you need to know how many people might qualify for welfare benefits.

What is the effect of poverty in the Philippines?

With poverty taking a toll on Filipinos, parents often can’t make enough money to support their families; children then have to be taken out of school to work in harsh conditions. Statistics show that around 3.6 million children, from ages 5-17, are child laborers in the Philippines.

What is the function of poverty in society?

These functions include the following: (1) poor people do the work that other people do not want to do; (2) the programs that help poor people provide a lot of jobs for the people employed by the programs; (3) the poor purchase goods, such as day-old bread and used clothing, that other people do not wish to purchase.

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