What is a good school according to you?

What is a good school according to you?

A good school has a broad-based and realistic curriculum with subject matter chosen not only for its relevance to higher education and jobs, but also for family and community membership and personal enrichment. It uses teaching practices that simulate the way people live in the outside world.

What are parents expectations?

Parental expectations can be contrasted with parental aspirations, which typically refer to desires, wishes or goals that parents have formed regarding their children’s future attainment rather than what they realistically expect their children to achieve (Seginer 1983).

Why is it good to have high expectations?

Create Engagement. High expectations show that you care. Caring is only one factor in creating engagement with others, but it’s an important one. Engaged employees and vendors deliver a better product or service at the end of the day.

How do you control your expectations from others?

Put on your oxygen mask first. The first step to getting rid of expectations is to treat yourself kindly. Adjust the way you think. You cannot control what others think about you, but you can choose how you talk to yourself. Speak up. Free yourself and free others. Stop judging, stop expecting.

Why is it important to have expectations?

Why are expectations important in the workplace? Plain and simple – job expectations and role definition will keep your employees focused. This will prevent them from getting off track and wandering off task, and will ensure that they produce outcomes on a regular basis.

Is it good or bad to have expectations?

The negative effects of expectations You give your trust to something or someone. If it fails to live up to your expectations — whether it be other people, an event, or even yourself — it’s going to hurt. You’ll get disappointed, angry and frustrated.

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