What is a good WAM unimelb?

What is a good WAM unimelb?

Out of everyone single respondent, the mean WAM is 77 and the median WAM is 77.7 (the subreddit is filled with Unimelb’s best and brightest I suppose). The standard deviation of WAM is 6.82, and its maximum and minimum (rounded) values are 55 and 94. The perceived average WAM is 72.69.

How do I check my unimelb exam results?

To view your Statement of Results, see your Results page in my. unimelb. Please note that a Statement of Results is an unofficial record of results. The official record of your results is an academic transcript.

What is a distinction at Melbourne Uni?

The Board may approve the awarding of master degrees “with distinction” where an average of First Class Honours (H1) across the studies in the master degree course has been achieved. 4.73. Other requirements for awarding a master degree “with distinction” may be approved by the Board via the course approval instrument.

What is a passing grade unimelb?

50%–64% Pass. N. 0–49% Fail.

Is a WAM of 80 good?

WAM of 80 or more, Honours First Class (H1) WAM of 70-79, Honours Class 2A (H2A) WAM of 60-69, Honours Class 2B (H2B) WAM of 50-59, pass.

How does Unimelb calculate GPA?

The Grade Point Average (GPA) will be measured by considering the last three years of the applicant’s undergraduate coursework studies (including Honours*). Weightings will be applied by weighting the first of the final three years by 1, the second year by 2 and the final year by 2.

How do I check my WAM unimelb?

Where can I find my WAM?

  1. Academic Transcript.
  2. Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)
  3. Statement of Results.
  4. Results page in eStudent.

What is a fail at unimelb?

About failing a subject For student visa holders who fail a subject, this may mean you are no longer able to complete your course by your visa end date. You will need to plan how to catch up in case your visa cannot be renewed.

Is H3 good unimelb?

65%–69% H3 Third class honours: competent This grade is awarded to work of a competent standard which: Demonstrates sound knowledge and understanding of the subject area as a whole and the way in which its component principles interrelate.

Is 78 a good WAM?

What is a decent WAM?

65-70 wam = good. you can get into some good graduate programs at some really good companies that are very relevant and good in their space. alot of people with wams in this bracket work for the big 4 banks in their graduate programs. 70-80 = your wam is getting very good now.

Where can I find information about timetabling for all MGSE programs?

All MGSE’s Professional Education programs align with timetabling timelines of the rest of the University. Please refer to the MyTimetable website for advice about the timetabling process, using the system, and for timelines for your subjects. Note that there will be two main timetable preference entry periods for each half year timetabling period:

Why study at Melbourne Graduate School of Education?

Access financial support for your studies through a range of scholarship and funding opportunities, including government and university student loan schemes and grants. The Melbourne Graduate School of Education is home to a number of specialist areas, including Arts Education, Mathematics Education and Humanities and Social Science Education.

What is the University of Melbourne’s policy on reassessment?

In line with the University of Melbourne policy on Reassessment, students may be offered the opportunity for reassessment (a student cannot apply for this) if failure of the subject significantly impacts course progression.

How does the University of Melbourne’s timetabling work?

Our timetabling team works to provide an equitable and consistent class allocation service for students in accordance with University policy and Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE) guidelines. The University uses a preference-based timetabling system called MyTimetable.

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